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Idaho is a state in the USA, becoming the 43rd state to enter the Union on July 3, 1890. It is to the south of Canada, to the north of Nevada, to the west of Montana and to the east of Washington and Oregon. Idaho is known for producing potatoes.

Elected officials



[[Essay:Survivalist Retreat Potential Rank]]ing Analysis by [[James Wesley Rawles]]


Very low crime rate. (For example, it ranks second from the bottom in car thefts of the 50 states.) Low property taxes. Inexpensive building permits. Minimally intrusive government. Inexpensive car registration ($20 to $50 per year, plus a one-time-only $15 plate fee.) Low car insurance rates. Low health insurance rates. Extremely low home insurance rates. (An average of $326 per year. Ranks #50 in the country!) The most wilderness area in any of the 48 Continental United States. (Only Alaska has more.) 21.6 million forested acres. Minimal gun laws. Class 3 guns (machine guns short barreled rifles and shotguns, and suppressors) are legal to own after the $200 Federal tax and background check. Open carry of handguns is legal and fairly commonplace. CCW permits must be issued unless someone has a prior criminal record. (“Non-discretionary.”) No CCW permit is required for concealed carry outside of city limits. Vehicular carry of loaded guns is legal and very common. Automatic knives are legal to own and carry. Minimally regulated home schooling. Low population density. Low elevation portions of the state have a fairly mild climate. Hunting and fishing are excellent in many parts of the state, so there will be no shortage of protein WTSHTF. High ratio of horse ownership, so I anticipate that transportation will be available in the event of a long term TEOTWAWKI. By 2025, Idaho is projected to be the 40th most populous with 1.7 million people. (It is currently the 39th most populous state.) Affordable property: The median home price for all of Idaho is $105,403. One useful web site: Department of Commerce Community Profiles.<ref>Rawles, Jonathan, “Idaho As a Retreat Locale, by Jonathan Rawles and Idaho Retreat Locations Idaho, American Redoubt The Survival Blog, January 16, 2015, Accessed January 23, 2015</ref>, <ref name=“survivalblog”/>, <ref>A.G., Letter Re: Idaho as a Retreat Locale. Idaho, American Redoubt The Survival Blog, January 16, 2015, Accessed January 23, 2015</ref>


Has a relatively high state income tax. Sadly, 63.7% of Idaho’s lands are owned by federal government. (Mostly National Forest and BLM land.) But at least that provides a “really big back yard” for hunting and cutting firewood. Cold winters at the higher elevations. (Look for property in the low river valleys if you can’t stand snow.) Low wages compared to most coastal states.

JWR’s Combined Retreat Potential Ranking: 1 of 19. (JWR’s top choice.)<ref name=“survivalblog”/>

Analysis by Charles Carroll Society

According to conservative Catholic Alex Barron of the Charles Carroll Society, Idaho “deserves credit for being one of the few states to refuse to authorize privacy-invading sobriety check points. Bard Note: These check points are one of those little “police state, bad thing for a good reason.” We all hate drunk drivers, and we all recognize they are a threat to everyone else, however it is unconstitutional to pull anyone over without cause. The supreme court said “…it is not constitutional, but we will allow it.” Now as you can expect when you let the big government do one thing that is unconstitutional it does many. They now run dogs up and down your cars and if the mutt “alerts” that is probable cause to search your car for drugs. They have forced citizens out of their cars and taken pictures of their tattoos for identification at these checkpoints. And of course now that the “we” voted to allow DUI check points DHS is getting involved with check points. This is what happens when you let the government do even a small thing that is unconstitutional. Remember that when cops pull over your wife coming home and have her dancing in the streets, just because they want too. Many of the American Redoubt States do not allow this evil encroachment on the Fourth Amendment. On educational policies Idaho really shines, with only nine years of mandated schooling and no regulations on private or homeschooling other than curriculum requirements. One personal freedom Idaho needs to reform is asset forfeiture; the state has the same regime as Arizona. Bard Note: What this does is allow the Police to arrest you for something, then seize all of your assets and all proceeds to the police.”<ref>279

February 10, 2015 ”Freedom Index of the States“</ref>

[[NRA Grades]] Rankings of the State

[[U.S. Senate]]

[[U.S. House of Representatives]]

Likely [[Nuclear target structures]]

  • Primary Targets: <ref name = “survivalblog”/>, Chapter 9 World War Three Target Structures, p. 67 </ref>


  • Idaho Dept. of Labor – This is Idaho’s job service. Employers from around the state post job openings on this site.

Local Newspapers






Other Large Employers


  • [Nampa]
  • [Lewiston]
  • [Idaho Falls]
  • [Pocatello]
  • [Twin Falls]
  • [Moscow]
  • [Ada County]
  • [Bonner County]
  • [Twin Falls County]
  • [Bannock County]
  • [Nez Perce County]
  • [Latah County]

List of Major Companies Headquartered in the State

  • Albertsons, a division of SuperValu
  • Amalgamated Sugar Company
  • Boise Cascade
  • Chelton Flight Systems
  • Coldwater Creek
  • Empire Airlines
  • Hansen-Rice
  • Idahoan Foods
  • King's Discount Stores
  • Micron Technology
  • Native American Services Corp.
  • Pacific Press Publishing Association
  • Salmon Air
  • Simplot
  • Washington Group International
  • WinCo Foods
  • Yellowstone Bear World

Mapping Migration: Who Moves To Idaho

“Chances are you’re more likely to meet a Floridian than a North Dakotan in Idaho. From 2009 to 2010, Idaho’s seen more than 1,000 people come from the Sunshine State. In the last decade, Idaho’s population has grown by more than 20 percent. U.S. Census Bureau data show nearly 275,000 people moved to the Gem State from 2000 to 2010. Idaho’s rate of growth outpaced the national average which saw its population go up by about 10 percent in the last decade. So, where are people moving to Idaho from? We downloaded data collected by the Internal Revenue Service that tracks state-to-state movement based on where tax returns are filed each year. The data isn't conclusive, but it does give us clues as to where people are moving from.” Click around the map to see the data: <ref name=“charlescarrollsociety”> 238 word quotation: Fair Use Source: Alex Barron, Charles Carroll SocietyLiberty-Minded Traditionalist Migrating to Conservative Redoubts“, Online. see James Wesley Rawles on Fair Use: Accessed April 10, 2014 </ref>

<ref name=“charlescarrollsociety”/>


Idaho is a strongly conservative red state, with the Republican Party dominating federal and state politics there since achieving statehood.

Idaho does not recognize same-sex marriage or same-sex civil unions, both of which are banned in its state Constitution.


Idaho County

Much of Idaho is sparsely populated. As an example of the low population density in the West, one can cite Idaho County, Idaho: This one county measures 8,485 square miles-bigger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. But it has a population of just 15,400. And of those residents, roughly 3,300 people live in Grangeville, the county seat. Who lives in the rest of the county? There are far more deer and elk than there are people. The population density of the county is 1.8 people per square mile. The county has more than 3 million acres of United States Forest Service land, BLM land, and designated federal wilderness areas.

Higher education

Three major universities are located in Idaho. In the city of Moscow, in northwestern Idaho on the border of Washington, is the University of Idaho. Boise State University, located in southwestern Idaho in the city of Boise, is the biggest and most well known University. In the city of Pocatello, Idaho State University can be found. Recently, Boise State University has had great success in NCAA football, winning their first BCS Bowl game this past winter with their thrilling Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma.<ref>FIESTA BOWL | BOISE STATE 43, OKLAHOMA 42 (OT): Broncos stun Sooners, accessed March 29, 2007</ref>

Miscellaneous facts

The capital and largest city of Idaho is Boise.

The state is known as the Gem state.

The name “Idaho” is almost certainly a word made up by lobbyist George Willing, who falsely claimed it was a word in the Shoshone language. <ref></ref>

The movie Napoleon Dynamite was set in Idaho, and the Idaho State House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring the movie. <ref></ref>

Notable people from Idaho

  • Ezra Pound, a notable Modernist poet, was born in Hailey.


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