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Spyderco Manix 2

Published on May 19, 2012

by Nutnfancy

Is it possible to score an 11 on my Likability Scale? Yes. Let's check out the THREE OUNCE Manix 2 C101BL2 in translucent blue polymer. Having undergone six months of backpacking, EDC, food prep, and cut testing here in TNP, I found this version to be the best yet and it excelled in all categories. The Manix series is the ongoing project of Eric Glesser of Spyderco and he keeps making it better. Here we find close attention paid to extreme lightweight with no meaningful sacrifice to strength and durability. The FRCP see thru handles tell the story: there is a complete absence of steel liners. And yet it gives up nothing in strength. These are tough, impact resistant, and good looking co-polymer handles for the Manix. They are comfortable but even better, they're grippy. High traction is found on the Manix, easily qualifying it for emergency defensive POUs (other discussed). Two deep finger choils (one handle, one blade), superb jimping on ramps both top and bottom, molded in volcano grip texturing, and rounded corners lock in the hand. Regardless of the weight, it seems few other blades achieve this level of in-hand confidence. A big lanyard hole is molded in, easily accepting 550 cord attachments. Amazingly you will a big 3.4“ full flat ground leaf shaped Spyderco blade in this featherweight. Engineering excellence. This C101BL2 version had a beautiful brightly polished Carpenter CTS-BD1 US made steel. Its rust resistance, edge retention, sharpenability, and fine edge capabilities meet or exceed VG10 performance from what I've seen so far (subject to change). With the FFG, this steel lazed through cardboard and steel retained a good edge. After two days in snow pack it showed no rust. Speed and lockup on the Manix 2 C101BL2 are flawless. The ball bearing lock is smooth, ambi, strong, and easy and fast to operate. Near perfection is found in the high tension silhouette wire clip that carries strong and relatively deep. It was tough in use and its low profile is welcome as you bushwhack your way to your favorite mountain location. Value is outstanding for a US produced folder with these quality levels, materials, and lightweight. Some other TNP HOF competitive options, still technical achievements in their own right are shown. The only miss the Manix 2 trans blue surprisingly has pinned pivot and handle construction; it would better to allow user maintenance if needed. But when POUs of tactical, EDC, backpacking, or survival kit are considered, few other knives are matching this 3.0 ounce, 3.4” bladed powerhouse. As discussed for years here in TNP, it indeed proves that such a knife IS possible. This Manix version therefore enters into the TNP Hall of Fame and will be another go to blade when weight is critical.////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 11 out of 10////////////////

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