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The Smith & Wesson Model 29 was the first .44 Magnum revolver to be manufactured. It was then made famous by the popular Dirty Harry film series.


The Model 29 is available in multiple finishes and barrel lengths.

Appeal to Survivalists

There are no dangerous game in the “Lower 48” including zombies which cannot be dealt with by the .44 Magnum revolver. The impressive size and mystique since the “Dirty Harry” films made this gun famous also helps when dealing with hostile humans. The advantage that the owner can use both .44 Special and .44 Magnum loads in this revolver also make it appealing. Additionally there are .44 Magnum carbines by Marlin and others that this revolver can be “mated” to for commonality of ammunition. Finally this pistol will accept “dumb downed” black powder handloads making it more appealing than automatics in similar calibers which cannot handle lower tech cartridges.

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