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Semi-Automatic Shotgun

A semi-auto shotgun is not the place to go cheap.

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Ok so i'm no expert on reviews, so forgive me if I leave vital info out.

I recently bought a Legacy Escort Magnum 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun 8jmfrom Big5 for a tad bit over $400

This shotgun comes with a stock and pistol grip, top rail, glow AR type sites, and underbarrel rail. Shotgun holds 5+1 Trigger is nice Not too heavy not too light

Important part….. This shotgun out of the box went thru 5 different types of ammo. Remington, winchester, fiocci from 1oz loads to buck shot and it cycled all rounds flawlessly. In total I shot 200 rounds in about an hour and a half span and I must admit its definitely worth way more than $400!!

What I dont like… ???? I'm trying to think hard but as of rite now theres nothing I dont like about it.

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