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San Francisco values

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Examples of extremist San Francisco values occur in plentitude as protesters equate pro-life with anti-woman bigotry and Christianity with Fascism.

The phrase San Francisco values refers to the general moral degradation present in San Francisco and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. By extension, it has been used to describe liberal areas and politicians who exemplify these values, under the guise of “progressiveness”. These values follow very strong liberal tendencies and grew out of the Hippie culture that flocked to this city in the 60s and 70s. San Francisco values include: legalization of marijuana, gay rights, pro-abortion, gun control, environmentalism, anti-military, New Age spirituality, political correctness, support of illegal immigrants, and heavy government regulation of business or even socialist and anarchist tendencies. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Representative for the Congressional district containing San Francisco, is generally considered the political embodiment of San Francisco values and its powerful role in the Democratic party.


The principal of a San Francisco area elementary school turned out to be a homosexual and a drug dealer. <ref></ref>

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General offenses

The drug marijuana has been legalized in California for prescribed medical use. However in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland, marijuana use is common among the general populace and the few remaining laws against its use are not enforced. Similarly, prostitution is rampant and overlooked by the police.

Adoption agencies in California not only allow gay couples to adopt children, but there are even ones which purposefully seek out gay people to adopt children, on the faulty presumption that they will be better parents.<ref></ref> <ref></ref>

San Francisco

San Francisco has been the eponymous exemplar for San Francisco values, being the most egregious offender of the traditional Christian values upon which the United States were founded. It has been the home base for homosexual activism, as well as the launch site of several other unsettling movements.

Hotbed for Homosexuality

San Francisco has the largest population of homosexuals in the nation of America, located in the urban neighborhood known as the Castro (from Castro Street, named for Mexican soldier Jose Castro<ref>San Francisco Street Names {A-G}</ref>), which was usurped from families by an influx of many homosexuals in the 70s. It has become known as the “Gay Mecca”, in an offensive analogy to the religious pilgrims in Islam who are drawn to their holy city of Mecca.

San Francisco has been the location of many flagrant gay pride marches and other parades which have degraded into drunkenness, public nudity, public sex, and in recent years, stabbings (2002) and shootings (2006)<ref>New York Times Shooting in gay district at Halloween street party, October 2006</ref>. All this has been tolerated by the police and mayoral government and many citizens have been left apathetic to the matter, desensitized through the frequently excessive displays. (See: Homosexual Public Indecency Tolerated in San Francisco)

Christianity Today states the following regarding Pastor David Innes regarding the Hamilton Square Baptist Church riot:

Pastor Innes then cites a September 30, 1993 letter published in the San Francisco Chronicle from a veteran police officer who was “highly embarrassed” when people asked him he was not making any arrests in regards to totally naked males engaging in lewd behavior at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair. The officer stated that “At least a dozen times I had to painstakingly explain that we were to take a position of 'high tolerance' and not to create an incident.” <ref>Christianity Today, Nov 8, 1993 v37 page 57</ref>

In 1990 and 1991 extreme public lewdness was exhibited at the Gay and Lesbian Parades in San Francisco and when police authorities were asked why there were no arrests they offered various excuses such as the primary responsibility was to “reflect community standards and maintain crowd control.”<ref></ref>

San Francisco's mayor, Gavin Newsom ordered the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite the practice being explicitly illegal under California law. The marriages were nullified by the courts shortly thereafter, as the mayor and clerk were violating California state law.<ref></ref>

In possibly the lowest level that the city has shrunk to, the historic National Guard Armory building was recently sold to a company that produces disgusting hardcore and specifically gay pornography; tellingly, only 50 people showed up to protest the purchase.<ref>San Francisco Gate article on protests of the purchase</ref>

In 2001, the city of San Francisco extended its workers health insurance to cover sex change operations for municipal employees. <ref></ref> <ref></ref> The Board of Supervisors and Mayor approved the measure which extended up to $50,000 in benefits to city workers who want to switch their gender.<ref></ref> Such health benefits are supported by taxpayers' money.

Other values

There have been numerous anti-Bush, anti-military, anti-American, and anti-conservative protests and rallies in San Francisco.

San Francisco's newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, is one of the most liberal in the nation, featuring many oustpokenly liberal columnists and political cartoonists. Many believe it to be more leftist than the liberal standard, the New York Times.

The election ballot for November 4, 2008 has two municipal measures on it which exemplify San Francisco values in action. The first is to “decriminalize” prostitution, which creates a legal limbo where prostitution continues to be illegal on a statewide level, but the San Francisco police is legally forbidden to arrest prostitutes or charge anyone with crimes related to prostitution.<ref>Breitbart San Francisco votes to decriminalize prostitution</ref> Again, San Francisco has curtailed the polices ability to perform its crimefighting duties. The second measure would be laughable if it didn't have the support it does. Proponents plan to rename a municipal sewage treatment plant after former president, George W. Bush,<ref>San Francisco Chronicle, George W. Bush Sewage Plant plan is on ballot</ref> which pushes their loud dissent to a thoroughly unpatriotic echelon.

San Francisco was one of the first cities in the country to ban trans fats, citing a need to promote healthy living.<ref></ref> This ban was then extended to a statewide ban, the first in the country.<ref></ref> Of course, the burden is placed on restaurants and businesses, who have to pay for more expensive and less tasty alternatives to use in their cooking. The ban absolves the blame from the consumer who chooses to eat a double cheeseburger with extra bacon and fries instead of a sensible sandwich and pickle. Chefs have been left wondering “how the trans fat ban will affect the bottom line”.<ref>LA Chefs React to Cali Trans Fats Ban</ref> The trans fat ban is another instance of the city's anti-business policies.

San Francisco is also a “city of refugees”, which means they have passed an ordinance that it is against the law to report illegal immigrants to the United States authorities as they are required to legally do. In other words anyone upholding the federal law will get in trouble with the city. This has led to a culture of underage drug dealers continuing their trade with impunity.<ref>,2933,374803,00.html</ref>

Mayor Gavin Newsom has made recycling one of his biggest issues, in a blatant attempt to appeal to his leftist constituency. Unfortunately, San Francisco already has some of the most restrictive recycling laws in the country, including mandatory recycling. Therefore any new laws proposed have been intrusive and unnecessary. Newsom's most recently proposed a $1000 ban for improperly sorted recycling. Garbage collectors would inspect the trash and issue tickets to “violators”, who will likely be regular citizens who made reasonable mistakes. The laws have been labeled Gestapo-like by the Canadian press.<ref>Canada Free Press San Francisco Recycling Gestapo</ref>.

One of the largest offices of the ACLU is in San Francisco, as are the headquarters of several other activist nonprofit organizations.

As an indicator of the extreme liberalism in this city, the most recent mayoral election (2007) had the following breakdown among major candidates, revealing an almost complete absence of grounded, moral, conservative values:<ref> SF Dept of Elections</ref>

Nearby cities

Other close cities are also hot-beds of liberal, San Francisco values.


Berkeley has gained a particular notoriety as a hotbed of extreme liberalism, in particular University of California, Berkeley. In Berkeley the homeless are afforded more rights and protections than tax-paying residents.

In 2008 the city board voted to protest a Marines enlistment agency downtown, saying the Marines are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” to the city.<ref></ref>

Tree sitters hijacked a forested portion of the University of California campus, preventing several trees from being cut down in preparation for the building of a city-approved multi-million dollar athletics facility.<ref name=sitters></ref> The resulting standoff between the tree sitters and the University and police lasted 22 months and cost $800,000 and significant delays to traffic in the area and the student body.<ref name=sitterfines></ref> The four final tree sitters were arrested for trespassing and violating a months-old court order to vacate the tree. None of these sitters were even students.<ref name=sitters/> They have been charged with numerous legal fees and judicial fines.<ref name=sitterfines/>


Oakland has one of the highest crime rates in the country due to extensive gang presence and a welfare system run amok.

In Oakland, even the Catholic Church is liberal: St. Raphael's Liberal Catholic Church.

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