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What are the Purposes of this Wiki?

It exists for sharing uncensored information on MAGA-KAG, Survivalism, Truth-telling Historic preservation (without censorship or leftist historical revisionism) and Patriot Prepper topics and categories.

See also Conservative Wikis like Infogalactic - Conservapedia - Metapedia, and avoid the Leftist Propagandapedia called Wikipedia

NOTICE: This Wiki is a fork of content from 3 main sources: the libertarian InfoGalactic, Conservapedia and the conservative nationalist

Being able to present one’s own definitions of concepts as well as interpretations of various phenomena and historical events (This Year in History) is a vital part of every metapolitical and cultural struggle. This is more important than ever in these modern times, where many concepts have been distorted by Jewish propaganda and political correctness and lost their original meaning – which can be regarded as a result of our political opponents’ successful cultural struggle / culture war.

The possibility to influence the language is vital if you want to shape people’s world view. The Jewish founded Frankfurt School and their ideological heirs are good examples in this regard, and have been very successful in stigmatizing previously natural and sound values and attitudes and making them seem pathological by inventing and popularizing SJW concepts such as “xenophobia”, “antisemitism”, “Islamophobia”, “homophobia” / “anti-gay”, “transphobia”, “hetero-normativity”, “gender nonbinary” and the like. This clearly illustrates the power of language and words, and it is therefore important that we start re-conquering our languages.

Another important purpose of this Wiki is to become a web resource for #MAGA-KAG, America First, Patriot, Prepper, pro-European activists and Modern Survivalists.

This Wiki makes it easy for our cadres to expand their knowledge on various important subjects, and also functions as a searchable reference.

Furthermore this Wiki gives us the opportunity to present a more balanced and fair image of the nationalist America First and pro-European struggles (It's OK to be White!) for the general public as well as for academics, who until now have been dependent on strongly biased and hostile “researchers” like Searchlight, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, and such.

This Wiki welcomes those who are willing to contribute constructively to this noble effort.

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