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Tasks for setting up a podcast


Promotion on social media

Podcasting equipment

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Podcasting Tips

Tips To Improve Your Podcast Interviews

Tips To Improve Your Podcast Interviews

  • When inviting a guest for an interview, be sure to clearly communicate the name of your show, the website address of your show, and what your show is about.
  • Explain why you would like to have this guest on your show.
  • Clearly communicate how long you are requesting for the interview to take place.
  • Be prepared by offering at least two to three time slots for the guest to choose from. Be flexible if those are not a good fit for their schedule.
  • Once you confirm a date and time with your guest, be certain to communicate how the interview will be conducted.
  • Provide applicable information such as phone number or Skype contact ID, etc, and clearly communicate who is going to initiate the call.
  • If the interview is scheduled more than a week in advance, be sure to send a follow up reminder one week prior to the scheduled interview.
  • Regardless of when the interview is scheduled, send a follow up reminder the day before the interview. Be sure to communicate, again, how the interview will be conducted, the contact information, and who will be initiating the call.
  • It should go without saying, but BE SURE TO INCLUDE TIME AND TIME ZONE information when sending requests and any confirmations or follow ups related to the interview.
  • Consider sending an outline of questions that you will cover in advance of the interview.
  • If something comes up on your schedule that would conflict with your scheduled interview, DO NOT PUT THIS OFF, immediately contact your guest and let them know. Make sure to confirm that they received your message about the conflict.
  • Always MARK OFF AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED INTERVIEW to prepare for the call. Make sure that you have no obligations that would keep you from being on time with your call.
  • Call your guest ON TIME! Seriously, be very respectful of their time.
  • Do not go over your time scheduled for the interview.
  • Follow up with a thank you note. This can be done via email, but it has more impact when you send a card (or ** gift) by mail.
  • Be prepared to give an introduction of your guest rather than asking them to introduce themselves.
  • When asking a question, don’t continue speaking and answering the question for them by continuing to answer the question for them.
  • Don’t interrupt your guest when they are speaking.
  • Don’t give verbal agreements to every statement that they make.
  • Avoid questions that allow for simple one word answers.
  • Have an idea of the main points you desire to have come out within the interview, ask questions that get you to reach those goals and allow the conversation to flow.
  • Listen to your guest while they are speaking.
  • Make sure to learn how to pronounce your guests name correctly.

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Common Mistakes Made By Podcasters

Podcasting As An Occupation

Podcasting As An Occupation? How Long Before My Podcast Will Start Generating Income? My Thoughts On This And More!

Podcasting As An Occupation

Five Tips for Reducing or Eliminating Mouth Noises From Your Podcast

Tips for Reducing or Eliminating Mouth Noises From Your Podcast

1. Make sure that you are well hydrated.

2. Try using lip balm.

3. Start with a fresh clean mouth.

4. Green Apple Slices (Extra Saliva)

5. Listen to yourself and practice.

Custom Podcast Artwork And Header Design

Custom Podcast Artwork And Header Design

Make A Great First Impression

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

The look of your website or podcast artwork will almost always be the first impression of what people think about your podcast. In fact, when people search the iTunes directory and are faced with a list of shows, they will almost always pass up shows with the least attractive artwork, or no artwork at all.

Podcasts are serialized audio programs produced by individuals, organizations, businesses, or governmental bodies for free distribution to individuals for use on Smartphones, iPhone, Android, tablet computers, MP3 players like iPod and computers. The name is a portmanteau of the word's broadcast and iPod (the popular MP3 player developed by Apple Computer)

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