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Site Tools is a permaculture forum-based website created by Paul Wheaton of Montana in the American Redoubt. According to Paul it is now the largest permaculture site on the internet based on content available and traffic to the site.

The forums are divided into the following categories:

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<blockquote>Permies is a site for the benefit of its members. So as a member of the community, Permies wants to help you promote your useful stuff. Promoting your useful stuff is not only good for you, but it benefits everyone else in the Permies community that finds your stuff useful.


In order to be useful, your content should be: Relevant to permaculture or homesteading; Accurate and complete; and In English (just like Permies posts).

If you are going to post a link to your stuff located elsewhere than Permies, please be sure to describe what you are linking to and why someone would want to click on the link.</blockquote> <ref name='signature'>Add links to your signature on</ref><ref name='promotion'>Using to Promote</ref>

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