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Obligation of Carry

by Nutnfancy

Uploaded on Oct 13, 2008

Deciding to be an armed, licensed civilian is serious business. Mature, sound judgment and preparation in every facet of this decision must be exercised. And doing so is not cheap, its not convenient, it requires a perishable skill set, and its complicated by many legalities. Also expect you, the armed civilian, to be completely misrepresented by the media, lambasted and characterized as a fringe, paranoid, and borderline un-safe person. Hogwash. But that flak you'll get does not change the realities of you choosing to be legally armed. Nutnfancy says YOU do incur an “Obligation of Carry” if you decide to walk society as a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) or CCP (Pistol) individual. You absolutely must have your gun on you to the maximum extent possible…no joke. Yes there are places where being armed is illegal and inappropriate but there are lot of places where it is not. In fact most places, at least in the US. In this video Nutnfancy addresses the biggest folly of most guys and gals who have gone to the effort of licensing and buying their pistol for legal carry: they just do not carry it. Why is that? Chances are they have chosen a bad system (Nutnfancy term) of carry. Perhaps a bulky or heavy gun that requires special dress and carriage that rapidly becomes so taxing that its soon left at home. I've seen this phenomena MANY times over many years: big talk about a big gun but soon that big gun is left at home and by doing so that CCW holder has abandoned his responsibility as a sheep dog keeping himself and good people safe. I advocate carrying as big a gun as you can but you MUST carry it as much as possible. And yes, there are bad people who have done (and could do) bad things to yourself and the innocent people around you. The main focus of this video is another mass shooting by such an individual. Defending against a murdering bad guy in a public place is serious business and it requires preparation, mental exactitude, and commitment. And it is fraught with lots of serious, pressured judgments and perhaps legal and civil implications (not discussed). But the good sheep of the world, along with you and your family, do indeed merit defense. And since you will be there right along with these people, threatened with death in such a scenario, that might be YOUR calling that day as an armed, responsible civilian. And do not think the police can get there in time and save these lives; they most often will not despite their best efforts (witness Trolley Square UT, Colorado Springs CO, Stockton CA, Lubys Killen TX, Virginia Tech VA shootings). And often when they do, they still have to formulate their response…s ometimes even as the shootings continue (Columbine). If you are not willing to fulfill the obligation of carry, for you, your friends, your family, and all good people nearby you, then you would be better served NOT getting your carry permit and NOT carrying. You will save lots of hassle and money in the process and the end result for society will be the same. However if you join our ranks, then do so with a commitment. A commitment to find a carry system that will works for you 24/7, 365 in all appropriate places. It might just be that workable system is a .380, .38 Special, .32, or even a .25 auto pistol. So be it. At least you will be armed and with that armament you will have some options. It doesn't matter how cool, how powerful, how much firepower your wonder gun has if its sitting in the gun safe at home when that madman decides to kill good people that day. And there you'll be caught flatfooted watching people die. So what's your FIRST Obligation of Carry? Having it with you. It can save lives…period. NOTE: This video and advice makes no attempt to address your specific legalities and makes no recommendations of such. It is incumbent on you, the permit holder, to exercise good judgment and comply with your laws. Enough said.

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