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Obamageddon, a financial disaster predicted by leading economic expert Gerald Celente and others to occur in 2012, due to the economic policies of the Obama administration.

The word “Obamageddon” is a portmanteau of the words “Obama” and “Armageddon” given by Celente, who successfully predicted the current recession, and who believes that the anti-business policies pursued by President Obama will cause a further financial collapse within four years of his taking office <ref>Associated Content; "Obamageddon Forecast for 2012"</ref> <ref>Lew Rockwell; Celente forecast</ref>.

The term is also used to describe the massive electoral losses that the Obama administration and congressional Liberals faced in the 2010 Midterm Elections due to public revulsion of their radical socialist policies. Obama supporters suffered a stunning defeat during those elections, losing the majority in the House of Representatives by a large margin.


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