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Mossberg 930 is the name for Mossberg's popular 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun that is Made in USA. The 930 is one of the best-selling semi-automatic shotguns and is particularly popular with hunters and skeet-shooters.

930 Variants

930SPX: Civilian and police variant.<br> 930 Blackwater: Military variant with bayonet lug<br> 930 Jerry Miculek

930 Design

  • The 930 is a gas operated system. This means that the burning of gunpowder creates hot gases which push a piston which operates the action, ejecting the spent hull and chambering a fresh shell. This gas action thus reduces the felt recoil.
  • The 930 uses 2.75 or 3 inch shells

Appeal for Home Security

The Mossberg 930 series is popular for home security and preparednesss for because of its fast rate of fire, rugged construction and ambidextrous ergonomics, its availability of parts and accessories. It is also considered to be extremely reliable.

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930 Magazine Spring Survey: “This Mossberg 930 magazine spring issue just never dies. Some get seven shells, some don't. Some get seven using aftermarket springs and some still can't.”

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Nordic Components MXT Modular Magazine Tube Extension Assembly Mossberg 590, 930, 935 12 Gauge Matte

Mossberg 930 Blackwater SPX Pistol Grip

Mossberg 930

Mossberg 930 SPX

Mossberg 930SPX

Reviewed By: Dustin H on 10/22/2012 Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

Gun: 4 Stars out of 5

Didn't have alot of grease, but still took it down and did a detail cleaning when it arrived. Fit and finish isn't the best, the front sight is slightly crooked (can't tell when shooting it), and there are a couple of imperfections on the stock/receiver. The recommended break in is 100 rounds of high brass buck or slugs. I didn't have that much, so I just shot 100 rounds of low brass trap loads expecting some trouble. I had four failure to extracts in the first 100 rounds (1 rim ripped off). I wasn't terrible happy, but I took it home, did another detail cleaning, and took it out again this weekend. Absolutely no trouble in 200 rounds. Every round fed, fired, and extracted with no issues. I even shot all 5 shots rapid fire from the hip (trying to get it to malfunction), and it worked great. It's not a beautiful shotgun, but it does it's job damn well. I'm just about as good with it as I am with my wingmaster that I've owned for a decade, and I'm sure I'll get better the more I get used to it.

Snippet from Wikipedia: Mossberg 930

The Mossberg 930 is a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun designed by O.F. Mossberg & Sons for use by hunters and skeet-shooters.

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The Mossberg 930 is a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun designed by O.F. Mossberg & Sons. The Mossberg 930 is gas operated, which means that some of the hot gases from the burning gunpowder are used to push a piston that operates the action, ejecting the spent hull and chambering a fresh shell. This gas action reduces the recoil felt by the shooter. Like other Mossberg shotguns, this shotgun has an ambidextrous safety that is located on the rear of the receiver. The Mossberg 930 takes 2.75 or 3” shells and can be accessorised with shell catchers, Picatinny rails, special muzzle brakes for door breaching, etc.

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