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Mob Rule

see Democracy without a Constitutional Republic.

see Ochlocracy:

Ochlocracy (Greek: ὀχλοκρατία, okhlokratía; Latin: ochlocratia) or mob rule is government by mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of legitimate authorities. As a pejorative for majoritarianism, it is akin to the Latin phrase mobile vulgus meaning “the fickle crowd”, from which the English term “mob” was originally derived in the 1680s. Ochlocracy (“rule of the general populace”) is democracy (“rule of the people”) spoiled by demagoguery, “tyranny of the majority” and the rule of passion over reason, just like oligarchy (“rule of a few”) is aristocracy (“rule of the best”) spoiled by corruption, and tyranny is monarchy (such as Obama or Bush think they were) spoiled by lack of virtue. Ochlocracy is synonymous in meaning and usage to the modern, informal term “mobocracy,” which emerged from a much more recent colloquial etymology.

"Mob rule", "Mob rule", Mob rule

see AR-15 and Build Your Own AR-15

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Mob rule may refer to:

  • Ochlocracy, a government by mob or a mass of people
  • Mafia or otherwise criminal control of people and groups
  • Mob Rule, a PC game released in 1999 by Simon & Schuster and Studio 3
  • Mob Rule, a fictional group in DC Comics consisting of dozens of duplicates of Barry Allen's old friend Manuel Lago

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