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Lights Out by David Crawford

Lights Out by David Crawford a.k.a. Halffast came well before One Second After and describes the aftermath of life in the US after an EMP attack disables electricity and a multitude of other modern items we rely on for everyday tasks and our lives. A riveting story that has accumulated a cult following around the internet since Halffast began to release the story a few chapters at a time.

Post here for a chance at 1 of 20 signed, hard copies of Lights Out! by Halffast. Survivalmonkey will randomly select 20 names from this thread once the book is published. I've talked to David about this thread and he supports it; we will have copies of this book the moment they are released.

Notification of the selected will be via this thread as well as survivalmonkey PM; I suggest you make sure your email address is accurate and would also advise you to Subscribe to this thread with email notification for updates, ETAs on the book and movie and any other information as well as the final 20 winners.

This is open to new and old members with no restrictions other than you may only enter once. A post in this thread counts as your entry. The term 'hard copy' has been used to denote a difference from the original digital copy - I do not yet know if Lights Out! will be published as a hard cover or a paperback.

Prologue ….

It had been so easy. Eight nuclear tipped ballistic missiles that the former Soviet Union had reported as destroyed. And at only five million soon to be worthless dollars apiece, they were quite a bargain. Then, three million for a Chinese scientist to tweak them for the desired effect. Of course the scientist was smart enough to demand his payment in gold. But that was no problem; it was pocket change to the billionaire. The oilman already had the tankers to deliver the payload. He had just modified them so that each one had a launch tube that would be very difficult to find, even if the idiots who imported his oil bothered to look.

The smile on the old man’s face grew bigger as the second hand swept around the dial. How long, he wondered, until all of the westerners turned on each other once it was Lights Out?

Survival fiction, EMP

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

210 of 225 people found the following review helpful

This is a long time coming.

By M. Scott McCullough on December 12, 2010

Format: Paperback

“This is one of those books that sticks with you. Compels you to think about what these people are going through. His characters are vivid and well thought out. The reality that he spins is concrete and understandable. The range of reactions to this very real threat are believable and don't drift into fantasy.

The basic premise of the book is of a US plunged into chaos following an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. If you aren't tracking at this point, an EMP attack is the destruction of the electronic infrastructure of the country using nuclear weapons detonated in space. These weapons create an EMP that fry anything connected to the power grid and anything with complex electronics. Cars Dead. Computers Dead. Most of the things we take for granted are just switched off. This causes a cascading failure that effects everyone in the country. Needless to say this is the end of the world as they knew it. Are you ready to fend for yourself … and your family?

Bobby Ann Mason once said that the best stories occurred when you take ordinary people and place them in extraordinary situations. LIGHTS OUT deals with a group of ordinary people who band together and form a community in the aftermath of this national disaster. The ethics of self reliance and hard work are that are missing from some arenas of modern-life are alive in this volume. The relationships are natural, they feel organic and not forced. The level of drama never takes me out of the story and aside from some lucky pre-planning and coincidental hobbies there is nothing that I think is contrived about the setting or events. I would like to have seen some greater focus on the realities beyond the community but the outside world is addressed all be it briefly. I hope to see other stories from this “world.”

Having read David's work online for years, I can tell you that this guy is a writer. He produces and he learns. This is an amazing first book and I look forward to future efforts from him. Maybe a book about two guys named DJ and Gabe will be availible on Amazon this time next year. We can only hope.”

127 of 140 people found the following review helpful

Love this genre….

By Just looking for a good story… on November 19, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“This is a tough review. There were aspects of this book that I really enjoyed. I love the subject matter. I'm an end of the world story kinda person (sans zombies) and am always searching for the next good novel. But this book was tough to get into. In fact, I didn't think I'd get through the first 50 pages. The dialogue between the characters was at times elementary and frankly, quite cheesy. But I stuck to it, trying get to the meat of the dilemna – will they make it and if so, how? Once about fifty pages in, I was in it. And I cared. The cheesy dialogue and forced conversations were still there but the meat was there too. I loved the details of the initial setup of their community, the organizational elements that they implemented, and the way they prioritized what was essential. Very interesting and I'm in it. Then about two thirds of the way through the book, the endless narrative about guard duty and what gun is what nearly lost me altogether. I sort of trudged my way to the end of the book, glad I read it but equally glad it was over. This was a very long book that shouldn't have been. The editors could have cut a solid third of this book and improved it greatly.

Not every conversation needs to be or should be written: “Good morning.” “Good morning.” “Would you like some breakfast?” “I would love some breakfast.” Just basic examples of conversations that were written, for pages, that add absolutely nothing at all to the overall basis for the story. Same thing about guard duty and guard duty and guard duty – you get the picture.

All right, so this review obviously conflicts with most of the others but it's just my honest opinion. I'd say that if a skilled editor got a hold of this diamond in the rough it'd be a 5 star book without a doubt. But until then, I'll point most of my friends in the direction of One Second After by William Forstchen.”

131 of 145 people found the following review helpful LIGHTS OUT IS ON POINT! By K. on December 12, 2010 Format: Paperback An amazing read, this book should be in your library if you're into SHTF fiction. James Wesley, Rawles's “Patriots”, William Forstchen's “One Second After”, and John Ringo's “The Last Centurian” were all OK stories, I have them on my book shelf along with many other good disaster, preparedness, SHTF, survival and action / adventure fictional works.

The only other books of this genre in my opinion that come anywhere close the level of “Light's Out” might be the first book in Thomas Sherry's series entitled “Deep Winter”. I found the majority of the characters and scenarios fairly plausible (more so than some other novels of this genre which I've enjoyed less). I definitely liked the characters being closer to “Joe Average” than “John Rambo”. If you are the type of person whom would rather bury your head in the sand and pretend the world will always be a friendly and convenient place then this novel may not be the best story for you. However, “Lights Out” may help some wake up and take notice of the fact that the level of luxury and civility that we currently enjoy in a society spoiled by such a high standard of living may not always be common practice.

If the lights go out the stores could close up, our paper money could become worthless, most would likely become hungry and desperate, your neighbors could become your biggest enemies and the proverbial gloves very well could come off if or when the “S” Hits The Fan. “Lights Out” may help get you thinking about how you would handle a prolonged bad situation and how you can start preparing now to keep you and yours better off then.

I originally read this book several years ago as an online PDF file, reading the 700 or so pages off of a computer screen nearly trashed my eyes and yet I read it nearly straight through in just a couple days with as few breaks as I could manage. If David was able to keep the hardcopy even close to as good as the online draft version(and I'm sure the updated, edited and printed version is much better) than this book is likely not to disappoint!“

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