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Liberal anti-Christian hate refers to the forced removal from the public sphere any references to Christianity and the Bible by the use of threat, intimidation, or legal action. Such actions violate four of the five clauses of the First Amendment to the Constitution, which states:

Fined for a Bible study

Chuck and Stephanie Fromm regularly hold Bible studies in their home, with 20 to 50 people in attendance, yet in the spring of 2011 the city of Capistrano, California demanded they get a “conditional use” permit to hold them, an expensive procedure which would take months to get, and put their Bible studies on hold. Already, the city has fined the Fromms $300 dollars, with $500 dollars tacked on for each additional gathering they hold. Code enforcement in the community is reactive, meaning the city only acted after receiving complaints about the Fromms' gatherings. Currently, the case is going to trial.<ref></ref><ref></ref>

Removal of 9/11 Cross

Atheist groups have protested the inclusion of the World Trade Center Cross in the memorial to the 9/11 attacks. The cross served as an inspiration and source of hope for the heroes and victims of the attacks, yet liberals still want it removed because of its Christian nature.<ref></ref>


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