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Leland Yee was the Democratic Assistant President pro tempore of the California State Senate, and previously served in the California State Assembly until his March 26, 2014 arrest for gun trafficking and corruption.

Anti-Second Amendment gun-grabbing (authored a state-wide measure in 2013 that passed both the Senate and the Assembly and was finally vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown to ban all semi-automatic rifles especially the AR-15 and even the diminutive Ruger 10/22) “State Senator Leland Yee was arraigned on seven charges of corruption and firearms trafficking<ref>We hardly knew Yee, Accessed January 14, 2015</ref> Wednesday, swept up in a broad FBI sting involving more than two dozen people across the Bay Area suspected of selling drugs, smuggling guns<ref> Accessed March 28, 2014 </ref> and arranging murder for hire<ref> Accessed March 28, 2014</ref>.” “The allegations against Yee reach back to his losing run for San Francisco mayor in 2011, when he worked with a political consultant named Keith Jackson who at one time served on the San Francisco Unified School District board. Jackson was also arraigned Monday on charges that include involvement in a murder-for-hire scheme and narcotics trafficking.” FBI Affidavits<ref> Accessed March 28, 2014 </ref> “say Lee also introduced another FBI agent posing as a medical marijuana businessman to two state legislators working on the issue in exchange for two contributions totaling $21,000.”<ref> and</ref>

He is the author of video game legislation restricting the sale and distribution of the increasingly violent and graphic video games to children. As a result, he is vilified by the video game addicts on the internet. Senator Yee filed an amicus brief in the case on his California video game legislation pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.<ref></ref>

Senator Yee holds a doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of Hawaii. Dr. Yee previously served for eight years on the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education, where he advocated for the improvement of the education system.

Like many liberals, while being vehemently opposed to the Second Amendment, Senator Yee is an advocate of the First Amendment constitutional right of free speech, authoring legislation to protect teachers from retaliation by administrators as a result of student speech. He has further been praised by increasing access by the public to government documents, earning him the nickname “Senator Sunshine.”



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