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Impact scale is the classification of the scope of affect a disaster would have. Below are the typically referenced scales of impact.

  • Personal - Affects only you or your immediate family. Job loss, a house fire, or death of a loved one are examples of personal disasters.
  • Neighborhood - Affects only you and your close neighbors. A gas line break, minor flooding, or a small localized blackout are disasters that could affect a neighborhood.
  • City - Affects only your city, or a city-sized area. This could be larger scale flooding and blackouts or large outbreaks of civil unrest.
  • County - Affects an entire county or county-sized area.
  • State - Affects an entire state or even a small country.
  • Region - Affects a large region (North-Eastern US, US Mid-West, etc). A great example of this was the 2014 “Polar Vortex” which affected heavily much of the Mid-West and North East of the United States with sub-zero weather for several days.
  • Country - Affects an entire nation or groups of nations (USA, E.U., etc). Examples could include an economic collapse, pandemics or a civil war. Often the possibility exists to expand to Global impact.
  • Global - Affects many or all countries. It is often expected that economic collapse in some of the most influential economies or pandemics could expand to have global consequences. Other examples include a large meteor strike (dinosaur killer) or eruption of one of the world's super volcanoes.

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