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If I Wanted to Save America

Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast responded to a shocking video called “If I Wanted America to fail”.<ref>“If I wanted America to fail”, Published FreeMarketAmerica ( on Apr 20, 2012. Discusses Global warming carbon credit, environmental movement, Public school culture liberal values, socialist Big government-Nanny state-Police state of Obamanomics-Obamunism Accessed April 9, 2014</ref>

Jack answered with his podcast on “If I Wanted to Save America” (




For one's long-term survival from the Police state and the Nanny State, Jack Spirko created Walking to Freedom — an initiative by where citizens are encouraged to pull up stakes and to move to a more open and free state – to vote with their feet.

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Visual representations of Jack Spirko's “If I Wanted To Save America” Survival Podcast speech in answer to the above YouTube video “If I Wanted America To Fail”:

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