How to Register Your Car In PA using a NM LLC

see also New Mexico LLC (NM LLC) This state is very easy as long as you have all of your paper work ready and in order. The first thing you must do is purchase the vehicle in the name of your LLC, or if already purchased, transfer title in the name of your LLC. Your insurance card, title,and Articles of Organization should all bear the name of your NM LLC. There exists a “fact sheet” that describes the various documents that you can supply to validate the existence of your LLC. For simplicity I chose the following; The LLC's operating agreement and a “Letter of Authority”. You must do your own “due diligence to find a free operating agreement, and bright enough to “write your letter of authority”.(No Brainers) With form MV-140 filled out in section A with the name of the NM LLC (and none of your personal info filled in)you are good to go ! They will ask to see your drivers license but that is to only verify that you are the “authorized agent” that is expressed in your “Letter of Authority”. You will sign “as agent”.

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