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Home security, which basically implies home and family defense and security, are topics that are rarely given any consideration in modern, developed countries such as America. The Police and Fire Department provide, along with relatively low crime rates, a sense of safety in our daily lives. Crime or violence will always be real threats regardless of whether we are in a normal situation or after a disaster. Proper home defense is insurance to help allow you and your family to survive an attack by armed criminal(s) or gangs (who never follow gun control laws) and their attempt at burglary, home invasion, rape or murder.


Self-defense deals with threats to your immediate person, here are some considerations to make regarding self-defense.

Home Security

The security of a home or building is another important factor to consider, here are some considerations to make regarding home security.

"Free States" Strategic Relocation may be the Best Home Security Measure

Living in a dangerous high crime or high population density neighborhood or city or a non-free state can decrease your home security despite your best efforts at defense. Thus “voting with your feet” and migrating via strategic relocation to a “free state” (such as the American Redoubt or at least a Red state) where the Second Amendment is respected may be the best thing you can do to increase your home security.

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