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In leather holsters, thicker isn't better. What you look for in a leather holster is thin and stiff…it gives you better detail molding and retention. I find thick to just look blocky.

Don't forget to get a good holster belt – it is almost more important than a good holster.

You recommended a SERPA holster as opposed to Comp-tac holster. Why do you feel this way? I prioritize not only efficiency (having to release the gun from the holster with the press of a button is a wasted movement, I feel), but also has a potential safety risk as well (the proximity of the mechanism to the triggercould, under a stressful situation, induce a ND (negligent discharge) from trigger finger slipping into the trigger guard). I understand that this makes it more difficult for someone that's trying to gain control of your weapon, but I don't believe that this advantage overweighs the inherent risks in this holster system.

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