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A “hate crime” is a liberal invention to try to criminalize politically incorrect attitudes, by making some crimes “worse” than others based on the views of the person committing the crime. The goal of this rewriting of criminal law is to create special advantages for those promoting a homosexual lifestyle and other favored liberal groups. The ultimate goal may be to criminalize the Bible, or at least marginalize it.

Liberals will often demand prosecution as a “hate crime” whenever the victim was a member of a group politically favored by the liberal agenda, regardless of whether there was any evidence of actual hate for the group by the perpetrator. In practice, a hate crime can be alleged when the victim is a member of a group that mostly supports Democrats rather than a member of a group that mostly supports Republicans.

Free speech and the Homosexual Agenda

Liberals promote hate crime legislation to legitimize certain lifestyles by declaring them to be protected by law, and to chill free speech that criticizes those lifestyles.

Opponents charge that hate crime and hate speech rules amount to an erosion of First Amendment guarantees of freedom of religion, free speech, and freedom of press. In particular, they object to rules or laws which equate condemnation of sin with prejudice.

Hate crime legislation imposes additional punishment for crimes held to be motivated by such “prejudice”.

Hate crime legislation is a stepping stone for a lifestyle to become protected under anti-discrimination laws.

The gay rights movement currently attempts to equate racism and anti-Semitism with the condemnation of homosexual lifestyle. They claim that, like race, sexual orientation is 100% inherited and immutable but there are studies that question this claim [citation needed].

Nonetheless, the strategy of activists is to insist that condemnation of sin is a type of “prejudice” equivalent to a civil rights violation. They want people of conscience, who already condemn antisemitism and racism, to regard any critique of homosexuality as an expression of “hate”.

There is a misinterpretation of a sermon by Jesus, who told people not to “hate” their enemies used in favor of the argument. What hate crimes legislation ignores is that Jesus never hesitated to condemn sin and frequently criticized wrongdoers.

A ladder to legislate social acceptance and promotion of a lifestyle would be as follows:

  • Bottom Rung: hate crime legislation to recognize and accept the lifestyle.
  • Middle Rung: anti-discrimination legislation to favor and promote the lifestyle.
  • Top Rung: affirmative action to fully promote the lifestyle. [citation needed]

Additionally, some have argued that hate crimes should be applied in extreme cases, but that existing legislation is far too broad. For instance, they argue that merely telling a homosexual that he will go to hell if he does not repent should not be a “hate crime”, but that actually killing that person (which in the opinion of the murderer, would send them to hell) should be classified as a “hate crime”. This is generally seen as a more moderately conservative to centrist view on the issue.

Legislative history

The House of Representatives passed a hate crime bill on April 29, 2009, in order to give special protection to homosexual behavior, and to intimidate Bible-based criticism of it.<ref></ref> This bill has led many to be fearful. To quote OneNewsNow “This so-called 'hate crimes' bill will be used to lay the legal foundation and framework to investigate, prosecute, and persecute pastors, business owners, Bible teachers, Sunday School teachers, youth pastors – you name it – or anyone else whose actions are based upon and reflect the truth found in the Bible.”<ref></ref>

Then Speaker of the House for the 2007-2008 Congress, Nancy Pelosi, sought to pass hate crime legislation proposed in the prior session of Congress in H.R.3132. Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 was then introduced by Democrats in the new session 110th Congress that began in 2007.

In July 2007, Ted Kennedy bypassed a committee vote and attached hate crimes legislation to a massive defense appropriation bill requested by the President, in an effort to compel him to sign the hate crimes legislation.<ref>Kennedy cramming hate crimes into defense bill 'Shameless attempt to push homosexual agenda … by exploiting soldiers', Bob Unruh,, July 17, 2007.</ref>

Claims of Hate Crimes

It is claimed that about 1100 hate crimes against homosexuals or their property occurred in 2004.<ref>Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the United States 2004</ref> <ref>FBI, Crime in the United States 2004, Table 4 Offense Type by Bias Motivation </ref> But most of those offenses occurred against property rather than individuals, often the result of drugs or alcohol. Only a tiny percentage even involved aggravated assault or worse, and those classifications are not based on any proof at trial.[citation needed] 74% of hate crimes are either crimes against property (e.g., theft, vandalism or graffiti) or the vague term “intimidation”.<ref>FBI, Crime in the United States 2004 Table 2.33 Incidents, Offenses, Victims, and Known Offenders by Offense Type</ref> The world-renowned pathologist Dr. William Eckert wrote regarding homosexual homocides the following:

was vandalized and threatened by homosexual activists and received obscene phone calls. An FBI agent refused to list the incident as a hate crime.]]

However, Dallas Drake, President of the American Society of Criminology claims that homophobia is the general cause of these murders. <ref></ref>

Some feel national statistics regarding homosexuals committing hate crimes against heterosexuals may be underreported. For example, the First Baptist Church in Gravois Mills was vandalized and threatened by homosexual activists and received obscene phone calls. An FBI agent refused to list the incident as a hate crime. The incident involved an anti-homosexuality Bible verse on the church's sign.<ref>Pastor finds FBI unresponsive to homosexual activists' threats, Bob Baysinger, Baptist Press, Nov 13, 2003.</ref>

The Center for Reclaiming America cited the following account of how a hate crime statute was egregiously applied to an ex-homosexual:

Another example of an alleged anti-homosexual “hate crime” occurred at Columbia University in 2005, when two drunken students scrawled racist and anti-homosexual symbols on a dormitory wall. Initially charged with crimes carrying possible 4-year jail sentences, the charges were later dropped in exchange for some sensitivity training.<ref>Ruggles Vandalism Case Dismissed, Elizabeth Kraushar and Eleazar David Meléndez, Columbia Spectator, 6/12/06.</ref> “I am pretty sure [the perpetrator] thought he was playing a joke,” said one dormitory resident about the incident.<ref>Hate Crime Rocks Columbia’s Campus, Noah S. Bloom, The Harvard Crimson, December 13, 2005.</ref>

There are very few anti-homosexual murders. The most publicized incident, the murder of Matthew Shepard, was the result of severe drug abuse. After the defense attorney failed to exonerate the killers with an argument of self-defense against homosexual advances, the lead killer admitted in jail that homosexuality had nothing to do with his drug-induced murder:<ref>New Details Emerge in Matthew Shepard Murder, 20/20, ABC News. Retrieved 22 July 2007.</ref>

:Asked [by ABC News] directly whether [the lead killer] targeted and attacked Shepard because he was gay, McKinney told Vargas, “No. I did not. … I would say it wasn't a hate crime. All I wanted to do was beat him up and rob him.”

:But if the attackers were just trying to rob someone to get a drug fix, why did they beat Shepard so savagely?

:Prosecutor Rerucha attributes McKinney's rage and his savage beating of Shepard to his drug abuse. “The methamphetamine just fueled to this point where there was no control. It was a horrible, horrible, horrible murder. It was a murder that was once again driven by drugs,” Rerucha said.

:Dr. Rick Rawson, a professor at UCLA who has studied the link between methamphetamine and violence, tells “20/20” the drug can trigger episodes of violent behavior.

:“In the first weeks after you've stopped using it, the kinds of triggers that can set off an episode are completely unpredictable. It can be: you say a word with the wrong inflection, you touch someone on the shoulder. It's completely unpredictable as to what will set somebody off” Rawson said.

:“If Aaron McKinney had not become involved with methamphetamine, Matthew Shepard would be alive today,” Rerucha said.

So what was the basis for the claim that this was a hate crime? According to ABC News, “Prosecutor Rerucha recalls that Shepard's friends … contacted his office. Rerucha told '20/20,' “They were calling the County Attorney's office, they were calling the media and indicating Matthew Shepard is gay and we don't want the fact that he is gay to go unnoticed.”<ref>Id.</ref>

Conversely, threats and vandalism by homosexual activists are typically not treated as hate crimes. For example, “The Federal Bureau of Investigation has refused to investigate threats made by homosexual activists against a Missouri Baptist Convention church in the Lake of the Ozarks area.”<ref>Pastor finds FBI unresponsive to homosexual activists' threats, Bob Baysinger, Baptist Press, Nov 13, 2003.</ref>

Criminalizing the Gospel

Art Moore posted this at WorldNet Daily:

:“We don't want to promote hatred against anyone and are opposed to violence for whatever reason,” said Bruce Clemenger, head of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's Centre for Faith and Public Life. “Our concern, though is that … courts have not distinguished between the identity of the person and the activity. So sexual orientation refers to both the sexual disposition as well as the activity.”

:But homosexual activists contend such a distinction cannot be made with homosexuals any more than it can with matters of race or ethnic origin.

:“The argument of separating the person from the behavior is their concept,” insisted Kim Vance, president of Ottawa-based EGALE, Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere.

:“In reality they are the same thing,” Vance said in a WND interview. “That's language that they use to justify [opposition], but it's language that we don't agree with.” <ref> The Bible as 'hate literature'?, By Art Moore,, October 21, 2002.</ref>

What this means is the gay rights activists want the government to agree with their primary claim, i.e., that homosexuality is a matter of identity - not a behavior, and certainly not a matter of choice.

Hate Speech Outside the United States

At least nine Western countries have made it a crime<ref>Revisionists in France and Germany have been heavily fined for their views” (Weber). Other countries that have different laws against Holocaust denial include Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Canada, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Holocaust Denial </ref> to deny the historical reality of the Nazi Holocaust (the genocide of 6 million Jews and 5 million others). The idea is that it is “hateful” to the survivors and to the relatives of the victims to pretend that this painful episode never occurred.

Some people argue that being Jewish is a matter of race and thus unchangeable, and that being homosexual is likewise immutable. On these grounds they go on to assert that criticizing a person for being homosexual is just as “hateful” as denying the Holocaust. A serious movement has begun to brand criticism of homosexuality as hate speech and thus to outlaw it. It is succeeding in liberal countries of Europe and has spread to the United States. However, others feel that Holocaust denial is a different situation than criticism of homosexuals. Even those against homosexuals freely admit that some were killed in the Holocaust as a result of their sexual orientation. Denying this would be completely different than merely denying that their sexuality was “natural”.

Objectivism, libertarianism, and "Hate crimes"

Objectivists and libertarians argue against the notion of hate crimes for minorities in general, saying that the only “true” minority is the smallest possible one, the individual. Therefore, killing any individual is a crime against a “minority” - the victim. Additionally, libertarians argue that it is wrong to punish an individual solely for a belief that led him to kill somebody. In other words, although libertarians feel it is wrong to murder someone because they are black, homosexual, or any other claimed minority, it is also equally wrong to murder someone because they are wearing a hat. However, even the most liberal individuals do not claim that the latter should be a hate crime.

See also


Religious Persecution

Hate crimes are described as prejudice-motivated crimes that occur when perpetrator(s) target a victim because of perceived membership of certain protected groups. Similar crimes against members of groups which are not protected are not considered hate crimes.

Which groups that have this privileged protected status vary greatly between countries.

Hate crimes are often considered to be particularly serious crimes. Designating a crime as a hate crime may increase the penalty, according to hate crime laws. The police may spend extra resources on investigating hate crimes. Statistics regarding hate crimes may be collected and presented separately from other crime statistics.

Hate speech

Laws sometimes make a distinction between hate speech laws (which criminalize certain forms of expression) and hate crime laws (which increase the penalty for breaking already existing laws).

General criticism

One criticism is that only certain groups are protected by hate crime/hate speech laws. For example, ideologically motivated crimes by communists/social anarchists against “class enemies” and other disliked groups are not considered hate crimes, despite including many of the world's largest mass killings (see mass killings under Communist regimes). Crimes against LGBT persons are often considered hate crimes, but not crimes that specifically target women, such as female genital mutilation. Crimes against religious groups may be considered hate crimes, but not crimes against certain groups caused by religious beliefs (such as various crimes against women or animals). Crimes against handicapped may be considered a hate crime, but not crimes against the elderly. Religious and political terrorism are often not designated as hate crimes. In some countries (such as Sweden), certain hate crime/hate speech laws protect certain minorities, but not the corresponding majorities.

This raises the question if such laws are “racist” or otherwise discriminatory, since they give special privileges to certain groups, but not to other groups.

See the hate speech article regarding criticisms of hate speech laws.

United States

The report The Color of Crime has criticized that the official US hate crime statistics have Hispanics as a victim category, but not as a perpetrator category. Thus, if a Mexican commits a hate crime against a White, both are reported as White. In 2002, there were 130 White-on-White hate crimes. These were likely all Hispanics committing hate crimes against Whites.<ref name=CoC>The Color of Crime Race. Crime, and Justice in America Second. Expanded Edition, 2005. New Century Foundation.</ref>

Despite this, per person according to these official statistics, Blacks were 1.82 times as likely as Whites & Hispanics to commit a hate crime and 2.25 times as likely to commit a racially motivated hate crime.<ref name=CoC/>

Another criticism is that the official hate crime statistics only include 0.3% of reported interracial crimes. In order for a crime to be counted as a hate crime, the criminal must make his motive clear, usually by using racial slurs.<ref name=CoC/>

In particular, crimes committed by a group against a person from another race may be suspected of being prejudiced, even if this is not stated openly. The Color of Crime stated “The NCVS tells us that interracial multiple-offender offenses are even more lopsidedly black than interracial crime as a whole. In fact, whereas blacks committed 10,000 gang-rapes against whites between 2001 and 2003, the NCVS samples did not pick up a single “white”-on-black gang rape. Overall, blacks committed an average of 251,000 multiple-offender violent crimes against whites per year between 2001 and 2003, and “whites” committed 32,000, which means blacks were the perpetrators 89 percent of the time.”<ref name=CoC/>

The media was argued to give undue emphasis to official hate crimes, as compared to the much more common interracial crimes. Another stated bias was regarding reporting crimes by Whites against Blacks, as compared to reporting crimes by Blacks against Whites.<ref name=CoC/>

This is related to still another criticism against the official statistics, which is that the police/officials may be more likely to label an interracial crime as a hate crime when the crime is committed by Whites. This since the media pay more attention to crimes by Whites against Blacks and put more pressure on the police to investigate them as hate crimes.<ref name=CoC/>

The Color of Crime stated that, after examining the six official racial hate crime homicides committed during 2002, only in half of these cases there clearly seemed to have been racial prejudice. In two of the cases, the officials responsible for arrest and prosecution said that they did not consider the crimes to be hate crimes. One hate homicide attributed to two Whites was committed by two Hispanics. The statistics regarding less serious official hate crimes, that are not investigated as thoroughly as homicides, may be even more unreliable.<ref name=CoC/>

Also the book Race and Crime: A Biosocial Analysis has criticized various aspects of the official US hate crime statistics. Several of these criticisms are similar to those in The Color of Crime. The book also stated that a detailed study in Los Angeles, published in 2000, found that almost half of all hate crimes occurred between Blacks and Hispanics (who are often classified as “Whites” in the statistics). Another form of likely bias against Whites was that a White-on-Black crime was 28 times more likely to be classified as a hate crime than a Black-on-White crime.<ref>Anthony Walsh. Race and Crime: A Biosocial Analysis. 2004. Nova Science Publishers.</ref>

Breitbart has compiled a list of hundreds of hate crime incidents against Donald Trump supporters.<ref>Rap Sheet: **

See also Race and crime: United States regarding interracial crime in general.

United Kingdom

Data released in 2004, under Freedom of Information legislation, stated that between 1995 and 2004 there were 58 murders where the police considered that a racial element played a key part. Almost half (24) of the victims were White. 18 of the murders involved a White attacker against Blacks and Asians. “Whites” included groups such as Jews and Gypsies. 14 of the murders involved minorities attacking minorities.<ref name=UK>Racial murders: nearly half the victims are white. 22 October 2006. The Guardian.</ref>

Senior police officers have admitted that 'political correctness' and the fear of discussing the issue have meant that race crime against white people goes under-reported and that it was harder to get the media interested when the murder victims were young white men.<ref name=UK/>

The British Crime Survey in 2004 found that more Whites than non-Whites reported being the victim of a racially motivated crime. Five times as many Whites as non-Whites reported being wounded in such attacks.<ref>The hidden white victims of racism. November 12, 2006. Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination.</ref>


Hate crimes against Christians

Christians have been stated to be by far the most persecuted and discriminated religious group worldwide. According to various NGOs, 80% of all religious discrimination today are directed against Christians. 2014 saw more persecutions than any other year in recent history. Christians today face some form of discrimination in 139 countries – almost three-quarters of the world’s nations. Thousands have been estimated to be killed for their faith each year and some estimates give much higher numbers.<ref>Number of Christians martyrs continue to cause debatte. Nov 13, 2013. Wrold Watch Monitor.</ref><ref>Christians most persecuted and discriminated against worldwide. Tue, Dec 23, 2014, 10:03. Irish Times.</ref><ref>The war on Christians. 5 October 2013 . The Spectator.</ref>

Yet this is rarely mentioned in the politically correct media, which if anything often sees Christianity and conservative, Christian values as an enemy and instead focuses on politically correct stories of persecutions of Jews and Muslims.

Terrorist statistics

The politically correct Western media and groups such as the SPLC tend to focus on “right-wing” terrorism (such as the Zionist Anders Behring Breivik), while often downplaying Islamist terrorism, and in particular downplaying “left-wing” terrorism.

According to statics from “RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents”, in 2011 (thus even before the recent wave of terrorist attacks associated with ISIS), “Looking at all people killed by terrorist attacks in Europe and North America during the last 10 years, 97% was committed by Muslim terrorist, or 4703 of 4873 killed. Most of this is September 11 alone. Still, even if we exclude the September 11 attacks, the share of casualties due to Muslim terror is 91%. A lot of the remainder are a number of deadly (and under-reported by western media) Muslim terrorist attacks in Russia. If we just look at Western Europe, the share of terrorist deaths caused by Muslim terrorists during the last 10 years is 79%. The remaining 68 deaths out of 319 were committed by The IRA and other domestic terrorist. By comparison, the Madrid attacks in 2004 alone killed three times as many people than all attacks by ETA, The IRA, Corsican separatists, right-wing terrorists and all other non-Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe during the last ten years combined. Remember, I do not include any Islamists terrorist attacks in the Middle East or South Asia or Africa or anywhere else other than Europe and North America. Based on State Department Data and to unimaginable horror these attacks appear to have killed in excess of 10,000 people per year during the last decade.”<ref>Tino Sanandaji. Islamists caused overwhelming majority of terrorist deaths in Europe during last decade. Sunday, February 20, 2011. Super-Economy.</ref>

Terrorist groups such as IRA, ETA, FARC, Shining Path, Red Brigades, Naxalites, and so on, described or describe themselves as ideologically leftist. If excluding Islamist attacks, then almost all terrorist attacks have been and are committed by such leftist terrorist groups. In comparison, terrorist attacks by “right-wing” groups and individuals are very rare.<ref>See for example the statistics from the US National Counterterrorism Center.</ref>

In Europe, “left-wing” terrorism completely overshadows “right-wing” terrorism, according to official statistics.<ref>Left-Wing Terrorism Surges In Europe, As Governments Dismantle Social Safety Net.</ref><ref>Europe: Right-Wing Terrorism, Left-Wing Terrorism</ref> Much of this is today committed by social anarchist terrorist groups rather than by communist terrorist groups. In addition, while not necessarily being terrorism, there are various forms of other crimes committed by various leftist groups, such as Antifa, Animal Liberation Front, and so on. These leftist crimes are seldom mentioned, or are downplayed, by the politically correct leftist media.

In 2016, a report by Europol on terrorism stated 135 killed and 374 wounded in the European Union by jihadist terrorist attacks. All others forms of terrorism caused 7 killed and 5 wounded. One non-Jihadist form was terrorism by separatists, who as noted earlier typically describe themselves as ideologically leftist. Another terrorist form was terrorism officially classified as left-wing extremism, typically by social anarchists. There were 27 such attempted or conducted terrorist attacks, which are rarely mentioned by politically correct and leftist media. Regarding terrorism classified as right-wing extremism, there was only one such attack, which caused no killed or wounded.<ref>European Union – Terrorism situation and trend report 2017</ref><ref>2017 EU TERRORISM REPORT: 142 FAILED, FOILED AND COMPLETED ATTACKS, 1002 ARRESTS AND 142 VICTIMS DIED</ref>

In the United States, there are widely spread claims that “right-wing extremism” is more deadly than Islamic terrorism. This has been criticized, for reasons such as excluding Islamist related attacks, such as 9/11 and the 2002 D.C. Beltway snipers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, who admitted to authorities that they were inspired by Osama bin Laden, when they killed at least ten people and sought to set up a terrorist training camp. The Virginia Supreme Court affirmed the death penalty on the basis that Muhammad had committed an act of terrorism. Also not counted are the large number of thwarted Islamist attacks on American soil. Conversely, included are attacks which are argued to not, or only very dubiously, be related to “right-wing extremism”. “Right-wing extremism” is an argued dubious concept in itself and which is not synonymous with “White supremacism”, but also including, for example, individuals with strong anti-governmental views, such as some libertarians. A 2016 criticism stated that in actuality, there have been 62 Americans killed by Islamic terrorists in the U.S. for every one American killed by “right-wing extremists”. Moreover, the allegations do not take into account different population sizes and thus do not recognize “the disproportionately high number of attacks by Islamic extremists in the United States, who, even after excluding the victims of 9/11, are still responsible for around 50 percent of the total number of deaths due to extremism, even though Muslims only account for around 1 percent of the total U.S. population”.<ref>Tallying Right-Wing Terror vs. Jihad</ref><ref>Prof Debunks Study Claiming Right-Wing Extremists in U.S. More Deadly than Islamic Terrorists</ref>

A 2013 report counted at least 60 Islamist-inspired terrorist plots against targets in the United States since 9/11. Of the 60 plots, 49 could be considered homegrown terror plots.<ref>60 Terrorist Plots Since 9/11: Continued Lessons in Domestic Counterterrorism

In 2017, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary David Kelly stated that “the FBI has open terrorism investigations in all 50 states”, that since 2013 “there have been 37 ISIS-linked plots to attack our country” and “Experts estimate that perhaps 10,000 citizens of Europe have joined the caliphate in Syria and Iraq. Thousands more are from nations in Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere. They have learned how to make IEDs, employ drones to drop ordnance, and acquired experience on the battlefield that by all reports they are bringing back home.”<ref>The Terrorist Threat Has Never Been Higher</ref>

In May 2017, “Europe, the United Kingdom, and Russia have witnessed terror attacks or attempted attacks every nine days in 2017 on average […] Attacks and attempted attacks have taken place in Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. Security services in Britain — population 65 million — are known to be tracking 3,500 potential terror suspects or persons posing a threat. Meanwhile Belgium, with its population of just 12 million, is tracking around 18,000 potential jihadists.”<ref>2017 Has Seen a Terror Attack Attempted in Europe Every Nine Days</ref> Later in 2017, the number of potential jihadists in Britain was stated to be 23,000.<ref>23,000 Jihadists in Britain, Not 3,000 As Previously Claimed</ref>

In 2017, the number of violent Islamist extremists in Sweden had soared from 200 in 2010 to “thousands”. An intelligence chief said “this is the new normal”.<ref>Sweden sees sharp rise in violent Islamist extremists as numbers soar from 200 to 'thousands' in seven years, warns intelligence agency</ref>

In the year until the end of September 2017, a total of 400 people were held for terror-related offences in Britain, the highest number since records began in 2001 and a dramatic rise of 54 per cent compared to last year. […] Security Minister Ben Wallace explained that police and security services “have been clear that we are facing a shift rather than a short-term spike in the terrorist threat”. […] The Islamic extremist threat to the UK is at an unprecedented scale and has increased “dramatically” over the past year, MI5 Director-General Andrew Parker revealed last month.”<ref>Record Number of UK Terror Arrests, Up 54 Per Cent in a Year</ref>

In March 2018, the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe stated that a total of 51 terrorist attacks had been thwarted by French security services since January 2015. In not thwarted attacks, a total of 246 people had been killed.<ref>Man charged after French police foil Paris ricin terror plot</ref>

Worldwide, in 2017, 8,432 people were killed in 370 Islamist terrorist attacks.<ref>Jihadis Back from Syria Tell Their Stories</ref>

Economic and military effects

A Rand Corporation study has estimated to economic cost to the European Union, between 2004 and 2016, of (Islamist) terrorism to €180 billion.<ref name=tt>The threat of terrorism is exhausting Europe</ref>

Half of the French army are currently deployed in France to protect the civilian targets, including schools, monuments, and religious sites. […] Soldiers “may get better at guarding railway stations and airports than fighting wars”.”<ref name=tt/>

Life satisfaction and trust effects

Similarly to previous work by Frey at al. (2007), our findings suggest that the greater the number of terror attacks in a given year, the lower the average self-reported life satisfaction and happiness of EU citizens. […] Furthermore, similarly to Blomberg et al. (2011), we find that the more terrorism activity there is within a country the less likely EU citizens report that they can trust another person, and thus terrorism may have a negative impact on interpersonal trust. Analysis of data from the ESS shows that terrorism is associated with lower levels of citizen trust in national political institutions such as the national parliament, politicians in general, the legal system and the police.”<ref>Terrorism Cost Europe €185 Billion over 12 Years</ref>


There are various associations between Islamism and (far) left views, including regarding terrorism, as discussed in the Islamo-leftism article.

Muslim percentage of the population of a country and Islamist violence

A 2017 study stated an association between Muslim percentage of the population of a country and Islamist violence. This also after controlling for various factors such as GDP/capita, democracy, and ethnic heterogeneity.<ref>Noah Carl. A Global Analysis Of Islamist violence. Open Quantitative Sociology and Political Science. 2017.</ref>

SPLC allegations

In 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) tried to associate Stormfront with various killings. Most notably, with the Zionist Anders Breivik, who killed many White youths. See the articles on Stormfront and Anders Breivik.

In 2018, the SPLC tried to associate the Alt-Right with various killings. Elliot Rodger was alleged to have been the first “alt-right killer” in 2014. While Rodger was associated with the “Manosphere”, no evidence has been presented for that the half-Chinese Rodger had any contact with any pro-White Alt-Right organization or that the motives for his crimes involved supporting White interests.

Other SPLC alleged “alt-right killers” include Christopher Harper-Mercer (a mixed-race Satanist who killed Christians), Matthew Riehl (a libertarian hostile to and shooting police officers and who accused a police officer of being “the Nazi in charge”), Devon Arthurs (a convert to Islam and charged with killings after being ridiculed for this), and William Edward Atchison (a school shooter who randomly selected his targets). Dylann Roof has been stated to have been inspired by fictional Hollywood Nazism movies and to have been disappointed when he could not find any such Hollywood Nazi groups in real life. The SPLC stated nothing on this and did not blame Hollywood for Dylann Roof's crimes. The claims regarding other individuals by the SPLC are also dubious and misrepresented.<ref>SPLC: The Alt-Right is Killing People</ref>

Furthermore, those individuals (typically with severe mental health issues) acted on their own, unlike left-wing and Islamist terrorism, which are often conducted by organized terrorist groups.

ADL allegations

In 2018, the Anti-Defamation League and the mainstream media made widely published allegations that the suspect in a school shooting, Nikolas Cruz, was associated with a “white supremacist” group. Local law enforcement sources stated that no such association had been found. The allegations were later quietly retracted or changed. They may have originated from unreliable sources as a hoax, mistaken identity, and/or in order to gain publicity. The mainstream media was criticized, with one critic stating that the media “will do anything to smear white people.“<ref>Local law enforcement: No ties between militia and Florida high school shooter</ref><ref>Evidence Linking Alleged Florida Shooter To White Supremacist Group Is Really Thin</ref> Less widely circulated is that a teacher at the school stated that ”He has a Hispanic background. I remember that he didn’t really like to speak Spanish too much. I think there was some pride issue there. He didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin, in his own culture.“<ref>Who is Nikolas Cruz? School shooting suspect joked about guns, worrying classmates</ref><ref>Parkland teacher: Florida shooter had a Hispanic ‘Pride’ issue, ‘Didn’t like to speak Spanish’</ref> CNN stated that Cruz in a chat group wrote various racist and violent messages and wrote that ”My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her.“ CNN also stated that ”There are no indications in the group chat that any member, including Cruz, is or was part of a white nationalist or white supremacist group.“<ref>Exclusive: Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns</ref>

In 2019, reports by the ADL were criticized. ”The reports are fraudulent. The 2016 version does not even describe all the murders it claims were “right wing”; we are supposed to take their word for it. For 2017 and 2018, however, the ADL at least listed every killing. A cursory reading is all it takes to see that the reports are bunk, but the ADL probably knew it could count on friendly media to help perpetuate the fraud. This is nothing more than collusion for the purpose of justifying even more censorship of racial dissidents.“<ref>Media Promote ADL Propaganda on ‘Extremist Terrorism’</ref>

Another 2019 criticism, on ADL's reports for the 2016-2018 period. ”The ADL promotes censorship, claiming its data are a “wake-up call to everyone about the deadly consequences of hateful rhetoric.”In fact, these reports are so deceptive it is hard to believe they are not deliberately written to deceive. They make no distinction between what they call “terrorism” and what appear to be “hate crimes.” Far worse, they include any killing by anyone the ADL can plausibly call a “white supremacist” or “right winger” whatever the motive. This means that a Kluxer who kills his wife is a “right-wing terrorist.” Likewise, a number of “right-wing” killers have been black. The ADL’s reports for the last three years are worthless.“<ref>Media Promote ADL Propaganda on ‘Extremist Terrorism’</ref>

Wikipedia allegations

On alleged recent “right-wing” violence, the leftist Wikipedia in the article “Alt-right” has a long section titled “Links to violence and terrorism”.

Regarding SPLC allegations, see the separate section in this article on this.

Regarding the 2017 Unite the Right event, see the separate article on this.

Wikipedia cites an unpublished study on alleged “dehumanization” involving the Alt-Right. Problems with the study include, for example, that the alleged Alt-Right participants (a non-scientific convenience sample paid $3 to participate) were asked to rank various groups and individuals based on how “evolved” they were, with less “evolved” implied to be similar to apes. The alleged Alt-Right participants, who may have been trolling or at least not taking the survey seriously, ranked, for example, “Hillary Clinton” as being the least “evolved” of all groups and individuals, “Donald Trump” as being less “evolved” than “Men” or “White people”, and “Republicans” as being less “evolved” than “Americans”. That this supposed “evolved” ranking reflects actual Alt-Right beliefs is dubious and the claim that the alleged beliefs cause violence is unproven.

Wikipedia also mentions some small groups and various alleged crimes by some members, such as the Atomwaffen Division, which has been stated to be influenced by occultism/satanism. Associating this with the Alt-Right in general is guilt by association. In other cases, such regarding the large-scale existence of Islamist terrorists organizations and networks, all pro-Islam groups are not similarly accused by Wikipedia of violence and terrorism by using guilt by association.

Regarding alleged hate speech, the Alt-Right has extensively satirized various aspects of political correctness. This may involve methods such as parody, caricature, and exaggeration of politically correct views. However, such methods may in some cases be vulnerable to censorship and “hate speech” laws, if the censor chooses to ignore the obvious satire, and instead insists on a literal interpretation of what is stated. See also The Alt-Right and censorship.

Lenient treatment of politically correct terrorism in the media, academia, and the justice system

Left-wing and non-White terrorism have often been covered-up, romanticized, and/or otherwise been treated favorably in the leftist mainstream media and academia. This especially if framed as being against White supremacism or just White privilege. Such terrorism may also be treated leniently in the justice system.

One example is the fate of the often Jewish terrorists in the Weather Underground, who often received lenient punishments and who afterwards, despite their terrorist background, moved to comfortable careers in academia and elsewhere.<ref>The Myth of the Right-Wing Extremist</ref>

Other forms of left-wing crimes against political opponents

See Mass killings under Communist regimes on this topic.

See the article on antifa on this topic.

Examples of earlier leftist violence in the United States include early violence by social anarchists (including killing President William McKinley in 1901), the Weatherman, the Black Panthers, and the Symbionese Liberation Army, as well as various other violent leftist attacks.<ref>A Long History of Leftist Hatred</ref>

Jim Jones was a far leftist and anti-White American cult leader responsible for a mass suicide/killing that was the largest such event in modern history, in part directed against suspected opponents.

In 2017, an “Anti-Trump Hate Map” described nearly 200 attacks on Donald Trump supporters.<ref>Anti-Trump Hate Map</ref>

Fake hate crimes

There are many examples of fake hate crimes. Motives may involve dislike of and attempted disinformation against the falsely accused group (thus possibly a hate crime against the falsely accused group), cover-up for other crimes (such as insurance fraud), gaining media attention, excitement seeking, financial compensation as a victim, etc.

Recently the world-wide search engine Google as well as the social media outlet Facebook have been removing articles from their facilities under “fake news” and fake hate crimes under a variety of guises. In the case of Facebook they are actively banning traditional conservatives for flagging up reports which, they say, do not conform to their “community standards”. There is no appeal process.

See the “External links” section regarding long lists of examples of fake hate crimes.

See also Swastika vandalism.

The Knockout Game

Lists of hate crimes against Whites

See the “External links” section.

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