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A gun-free zone (colloquially called “free fire zones” by conservatives) is usually a liberal-controlled place where, by Nanny state or Police state gun control law or company or other rule, no person may bring a gun on-site.

The concept of a place where “people can be sure no one has a gun” has always been left wingunicorn utopiapollyanna fantasy of the Anti-self-defense movement, for the simple reason that criminals by their nature never follow laws. So-called politically correct “gun free zones” are known to Second Amendment self-defense supporting conservative patriots, veterans, preppers and gun enthusiasts via the politically corrected term “free fire zones”. “Free fire zones” are where criminals, gangs, drug dealers, mafia, murderers, young mass murderers, and terrorists are free to fire at will on defenseless disarmed conservatives and never armed liberals.

The United States, Europe and most recently liberal Paris at Charlie Hebdo's offices have seen a number of mass murders and Muslim jihad terrorist attacks occurring in such zones.

Ironically, the Fort Hood venue where thirteen soldiers died at the hand of a Islamic terrorist, was a gun-free zone, per Clinton Administration military regulation.

So also was Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Constitutional Carry is the Conservative Solution to "Free fire zones"

Constitutional carry (as both concealed carry and open carry as is common in Israel) is the conservative alternative to the “Free fire zones” supported by the progressive police state's Anti-self-defense movement. Constitutional carry can also be a useful antiterrorism tool in the American War on Terror. An example of an antiterrorist policy is Israel permitting its citizens to carry weapons. This has helped to cut down on terrorist attacks there.<ref>Israel shopper users her gun to stop a [[suicide bomber]]. Accessed January 12, 2015</ref>

Renowned Oath Keeper gun enthusiast Air Force Lt. Colonel Nutnfancy<ref> YouTube Channel has 174,010,430 views and 505,609 subscribers since he established it on Jul 9, 2006</ref>, says “Gun free zones are a LIE. There is no such thing and wolves can always get a firearm into these areas. Given an evildoer with a willingness to die, these areas then become 'free fire zones' where shooters have engaged with initial impunity. In these areas, few law abiding citizens possess the most efficient means to stop the killing: the gun. There are many case studies which prove the abhorrent failure of this feel-good but dangerous policy. It is a misguided and corrupt political system that seeks to disarm the good guys in some dragnet-type, pseudo-public safety policy that happily disarms ALL citizens in the slight hope that the lawless will also comply. They won't and haven't and never will. The 'gun-less' approach has failed miserably in the face of disturbed but motivated mass killers. It continues to cost lives.”

Nutnfancy asserts that “No technology, no system, no law will or can prevent such a determined individual in taking lives. If it isn't the gun, he will find other means to accomplish his brutal agenda. The REAL solution is politically incorrect but proven to work: lethal force (concealed carry and/or open carry) employed immediately by a sheepdog, either civilian, veteran or law enforcement (also reference Nutnfancy video 'The Concealed Carry ProtocolYoutube). Police have an unreliable track record in being able to quickly stop the mass murderer; they can never arrive in time to prevent death. Better it is to have responsible citizens armed and at the ready and vigilant. The gun will stop the gun and has many times. As in my video 'Close to Engage' (YouTube) shows, other methodologies exist but all require increased risk and closer contact. Instead we should abolish Gun Free Zones and encourage responsible, mature CCW holders to prevail in the next mass killing by allowing them to have the most effective means of resistance. For some individuals, it may be necessary to engage in 'conscientious objection' against these disarmament restrictions. A prepared 'Sheepdog' who is courageous, with sound judgment, has been proven to be the real life saver in past mass shootings.“

Nutnfancy encourages 'Sheepdogs' by saying that “All manner of political pressure should be applied in allowing these individuals to legally possess and carry whatever weapons are needed that will truly protect the public against these killers. Join and contribute generously to the NRA and NRA-ILA as they fights these freedom battles to genuinely increase public safety.”<ref>Nutnfancy, "Gun Free, Death Pay", Utah in the American Redoubt, YouTube. Uploaded on Nov 8, 2009. 116,632 when accessed January 12, 2015.</ref>

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