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For the country of Georgia, see this article: Georgia.

Georgia is a state in the southern United States. It was one of the original thirteen British colonies in the United States. It joined the Confederate States of America, Confederacy, before the beginning of the American Civil War. The capital and largest city is Atlanta.



Georgia has been a red state in presidential elections since 1996, favoring Republican candidates. It last favored a Democrat candidate in 1992 when it supported Bill Clinton.

Elected officials




  • Dem. Congressman, 7th District Larry McDonald (1935-1983), a conservative Member of Congress, was onboard Korean Airlines Flight 007 when it was shot down by Soviet warplanes in 1983. His is the only reported Cold War death by the USSR of a sitting congressman. His memory is honored in renaming Interstate Highway 75, which runs from the Chattahoochee River northward to the Tennessee state line.

Georgia is not on the Naughty State List

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