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Foot Pounds of Energy

What is ignored in all of these tests is the foot pounds of energy that each bullet produces at point of entry into the bad guy. A 40 GR .22 LR bullet travelling at 1200 feet per second does not produce as much energy as a 230 GR .45 cal. bullet or other large caliber bullet.travelling at 900- 1200 feet per second.The energy that the bullet releases,when it hits,is what does the damage and can knock you off your feet.For those that do not understand what a foot pound of energy is.It is the energy that will move a weight of one pound a distance of one foot.So when a heavy .45 cal. bullet hits the bad guy it will release several hundred foot pounds of energy. That's enough to move the heaviest intruder back several feet provided that as much of that energy is dissipated into the body through expansion of the bullet.A solid nosed bullet will retain most of its energy and pass through the body unless it hits bone.

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