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to the United States Constitution states:

This is generally taken as a limitation on the power of the federal government with respect to:

Conservative Interpretation

Liberals often focus on the “Establishment clause”, arguing that because the federal government cannot endorse or establish a religion, the state must remain neutral, or even hostile towards religion. However, liberals often overlook the clause explicitly allowing for the free exercise of religion, also known as the Free Exercise Clause. Conservatives argue that this clause can be interpreted to allow much more leeway to the majority of religious Americans than liberals currently allow, and that it provides legislators with great flexibility in supporting the ends of Christian faith, as long as all other religious denominations are equally supported. The fact that Congress may pass no law establishing or respecting a particular Christian denomination provides the federal government with the freedom to support a variety of Judaeo-Christian ventures, notably the faith-based initiatives enacted under President Bush.

Liberal Violations

American liberals have attempted to use the so-called Fairness Doctrine and political correctness in order to silence conservative viewpoints and to promote divisive views. These ideologically-motivated attempts to limit free speech are in direct violation of the First Amendment, specifically, and, by extension, the entire U.S. Constitution.

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