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Facebook is just as evil as Google - also know as Googlag (as in Gulag and Gulag Archipelago) due to their draconian authoritarian censorship of those who do not conform to the GroupThink propaganda of Big Tech

The biggest winners in the burgeoning Surveillance State of inseparably allied Big Tech/Big Government big data privacy mining are the autistic authoritarian busybodyelitists” of Googlag-Facebook-Twitter-Amazon-Microsoft-Apple.

“Don't Be Evil!”

No Facebook page for Thomas Jefferson?

In JJ Luna's most recent edition of How To Be Invisible, clearly states the dangers of online social media networks.

For privacy minded individuals, the concept of networking socially on a site like Facebook and Google+ may be intriguing, however it is NOT safe. Their Facebook privacy policy and Google privacy policy and frequent Facebook privacy problems and Facebook privacy problems have resulted in even the founder's own private Facebook contents being exposed.

For that reason we recommend all our readers:

DO NOT setup a Facebook account under any circumstances

REMOVE your Facebook account immediately if you have one

This process will be harder than you expect, but can be done!

DO NOT connect with friends, family, or loved ones via social media no matter how hard they pressure you to.

Plain old email is one of the best ways to send digital messages to family

If you have already been living a socially connected lifestyle, consider picking up “How To Be Invisible” and learn how this has negatively affected others who didn't expect it.

Privacy & Encryption

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