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Electricity - Batteries, Generator, Solar, Micro-hydro, Light, Watts, Volts, Amps

Amps (Current) = watts divided by voltage so: 2000/120= 16 amps

What is ampere rating of 16 gauge wire at 120 volts? 600 watts

What electrical wire is the commonwire 120 volt?


The most common wire ran in 120v residential is NM (Non-metallic) sheathed wire such as the brand Romex. 14 gauge wire generally has a white sheathing and can be used on 15 amp circuits such as lighting. 12 gauge wire is thicker, generally having a yellow sheathing and can be used on 20 amp circuits such as those serving power receptacles. Considering future demands, 12 gauge wire should be used. Under no circumstances should you ever use 14 gauge wire on a 20 amp circuit.

In standard 120 volt wiring what are the electrical wire colors?


Black is hot, white is neutral and bare wire is electrical ground. Neutral and ground are bonded together at the main panel.

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