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Copper-jacketed lead refers to the bullet component of a round or cartridge used as ammunition in a firearm. More specifically, the copper-jacketed lead refers to a type of a lead alloy] [[bullet (round nose, jacketed hollow point (JHP) or Total metal jacket (TMJ) that has been “jacketed” in copper.

The term Copper-jacketed lead is also a slang term among gun enthusiasts (affectionately called “gun nuts”) and prepper-survivalists to refer to “Precious metalinvestment in tangibles in the form of ammunition. Among such people, ammunition is considered to be a valuable investment inflation hedge comparable in practical value to silver or gold, except that here the “precious metal” is copper-jacketed lead.

Examples of Copper-Jacketed Lead Ammunition

Copper-Jacketed Lead Rifle Ammunition

Copper-Jacketed Lead Pistol Ammunition

Copper-Jacketed Lead Revolver Ammunition

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