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Concentration has several meanings:

  • In chemistry, concentration refers to a measurement of how much substance (or solute) exists within a certain volume (or solvent).<ref>Wile, Dr. Jay L. Exploring Creation With Physical Science. Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. 1999, 2000</ref> A solution is said to be saturated when the solvent is unable to dissolve more solute.
  • In psychology, concentration as a cognitive process means focusing selectively on a single aspect of one's environment or thoughts while ignoring other things.
  • In Buddhist meditation, concentration means focusing the mind selectively on a single aspect of one's thoughts or images while letting go of all other things until the mind become “single-pointed” (“samadhi”) through relaxed focused awareness (“shamatha”). According to Buddhism, concentration is related to the “fire element” of the mind and nervous system.


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