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Central Washington

see also American Redoubt, Eastern Washington

WE are GATHERING to AWAKEN our STATE and our MEDIA – we will no longer stand by & let our Constitutional rights be trampled on!!!!! Our primary focus is to awaken the sleeping giant, to get people to stand up and say “NO, THIS IS NOT WHAT WE ELECTED YOU PEOPLE TO DO!” We are determined to defeat the new proposed gun laws and to raise awareness of the degradation of our liberties.

2nd Enforcers (2E) is a Washington State non-profit organization 501(C) tasked at protecting the rights of the people. The focus on our mission during times of peace is to take on strategic programs that enhance the communication and overall view of firearm owners and negotiate with our legislature in improving firearm owner rights (gun rights). We will not have our arms infringed, we the people will not allow it. (see Second Amendment)

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