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ASP - Armament Systems and Procedures. The ASP Tactical Baton is the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. Tested by the most elite federal teams, the ASP Baton has proven itself “virtually indestructible.” This is the first choice of the world's most tactically advanced law enforcement agencies. Easily carried and readily available, ASP Batons have an incredible psychological deterrence and unparalleled control potential. The premium materials, exceptional workmanship and flawless function of the ASP Baton sets it apart from all others in quality, durability and performance. In every detail, this is the finest impact weapon produced.

Tactical Batons, Expand Your Advantage.

About ASP 4140 Steel

  Chrome delivers a high lustre finish for increased
  visibility under low light conditions.
Black Chrome
  Black Chrome provides the most durable and
  corrosion resistant black baton finish available.
About Airweight Batons
  Airweight offers a 45% weight reduction with 98% of
  the striking potential of steel.
About Electroless Batons
  Electroless is the most corrosion resistant finish.
  It is well suited to high humidity environments.

Kamlock Baton

Combative Baton Intro” with OJ & Nutnfancy

Defensive Baton Basics: “Move Fast, Hit Hard” by Nutnfancy

Uploaded on Jan 1, 2011

Aggressive collapsible baton skills can save you in a fight. Whether a LEO or legally-possessing civilian, the baton, like the Bonowi "Smartlock" version, can be devastatingly effective. It is compact, fast into the fast, and strong. But it takes skill and commitment to use. Here we delve into two of the basics of good baton fighting as instructed by experienced martial artist “OfficerJared” or OJ for short ( As I always strive for, the material is presented without ego or hype and therefore is particularly useful to the attentive viewer. We concentrate on striking power and movement, the essential fundamentals to your baton skillset. Without them you will suck and probably have the baton taken from you. It also takes physical fitness and practice to achieve fluidity and speed. A sparring partner is best but methods are suggested for alone practice (used tires!). Complex and “hotel floor demo” techniques are avoided in this video, concentrating on simple to remember and effective strikes and movements. The implementation of these techniques will be dictated by your role (LEO vs Civilian), legalities, the nature of and force escalation of the self defense encounter. Civs should concentrate on extrication vs engagement whenever possible. Much of the provided instruction is intended for the LEO audience members who carry baton. But if the fight ensues, these are solid techniques that will work as proven in OJ's worldwide LE and military students who have used them in the fight. Concentrated powerful STRIKES that are precise and connect with the target are the foundation of effective baton use. Note the “loaded shoulder position” of the baton which allows defensive posturing with the off hand and instantaneous primary strike, transitioning to secondary (“angle”) strike. Then the offhand should be used as a guard and block to incoming strikes. Target areas of the bad guy are discussed (arms, large muscle groups, care to avoid head area) with body positioning of being considered. Use of the range advantage of the baton and avoiding charges/counters of the adversary will require good FOOTWORK that maintains balance and stability. Without it, your resulting lack of mobility could lead to a tackling by the opponent and then an ugly ground fight. OJ demonstrates these “quick shuffle” footwork techniques and importance of off-axis (“stepping off line”) movement in short, quick controlled steps. Don't move backwards. When practiced and combined, the ability to move fast and hit hard is the foundation to effective and devastating baton use. Note: Information is provided for reference only. All legalities and common sense use of the collapsible baton/staff are wholly up to the viewer who assumes all liabilities.

hapelliotte says: “The company that makes these batons (Bonowi EKA) WILL NOT sell to civilians, even with a clear record. If they feel you should not own glorified steel pipe for defense, it is plainly obvious what they think of the Second Amendment.

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