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Arkansas became the twenty-fifth state of the Union on June 15, 1836. The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock.


While Arkansas was originally a slave state, they did not secede from the Union until May 6, 1861 after Abraham Lincoln called on troops to respond to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter.

Arkansas would again make headlines after the Supreme Court case Brown v. Topeka Board of Education in 1957. Then Governor Oval Faubus sent the Arkansas National Guard to prevent African Americans from entering Little Rock's Central High School. President Eisenhower sent troops to help escort the students into the school.

Politics of Arkansas

Arkansas typically votes Republican in presidential elections; George W. Bush won the state 51%-46% in 2000, 54%-45% in 2004 and John McCain 59%-39% in 2008. <ref></ref> However, Democrats fare better in local government. They hold the governors office and majorities in both chambers of their legislators.

Senator Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat who was handley defeated for reelection in 2010, lost favor with the voters, according to polls. Lincoln won the approval of only 36% for the job she did as senator, with 44% disapproving, according to an Aug. 21-24 survey. Her support fell 13 points since March. The poll showed Lincoln running even or even slightly trailing, when matched up against three potential Republican challengers – even though none of them were known statewide. She was dragged down by Obama's falling popularity, as only 30% of Arkansans supported Obama on health care.<ref> Public Policy Polling, “Lincoln looking vulnerable,” August 26, 2009 press release</ref>

Although Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state 37% to 29%, the 33% who are independent are quite conservative–more so than independents in any other state.


Arkansas is home to the major retailers Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart and J.B. Hunt.

Famous Natives

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton are from Arkansas (although Hillary did not grow up in the state). Bill was the 50th governor of the state prior to his run for presidency in 1992. 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is also a former governor of Arkansas.

Elected officials



List of Governors

  1. !!Name!!Assumed office!!Left office!!Party!!Lt. Governor!!Major events in term!!Oversaw which historical period


1 James Sevier Conway September 13 1836 November 4 1840 Democrat American Slavery
2 Archibald Yell November 4 1840 April 29 1844 Democrat Resigned office; won seat in United States House of Representatives Slavery
Samuel Adams April 29 1844 November 5 1844 Democrat President of the state senate; served remainder of Yell's term Slavery
3 Thomas Stevenson Drew November 5 1844 January 10 1849 Democrat Resigned office Slavery
Richard C. Byrd January 10 1849 April 19 1849 Democrat President of the state senate; served portion of Drew's term until special election Slavery
4 John Selden Roane April 19 1849 November 15 1852 Democrat Special election to serve Drew's unexpired term. Slavery
5 Elias Nelson Conway November 15 1852 November 16 1860 Democrat Slavery
6 Henry Massey Rector November 16 1860 November 4 1862 Democrat Oversaw the secession of Arkansas from the Union prior to the American Civil War Slavery
7 Harris Flanagin November 4 1862 April 18 1864 Democrat Flanagin fled Little Rock for Washington, Arkansas to run a government-in-exile during American Civil War, September 10 1863 Slavery ended by Union force
8 Isaac Murphy April 18 1864 July 2 1868 Republican Elected provisional governor by pro-Union loyalists, assuming office April 18 1864 Ratification of 13th, 14th Amemendments to U.S. Constitution
9 Powell Clayton July 2 1868 March 17 1871 Republican Resigned for seat in the United States Senate Reconstruction
Ozra Amander Hadley March 17 1871 January 6 1873 Republican President of the state senate; served remainder of Clayton's term Reconstruction
10 Elisha Baxter January 6 1873 November 12 1874 Republican Removed from office; Brooks-Baxter War. Reconstruction
11 Augustus Hill Garland November 12 1874 January 11 1877 Democrat Implementation of Jim Crow laws
12 William Read Miller January 11 1877 January 11 1881 Democrat Jim Crow
13 Thomas James Churchill January 11 1881 January 13 1883 Democrat Jim Crow
14 James Henderson Berry January 13 1883 January 17 1885 Democrat Jim Crow
15 Simon Pollard Hughes, Jr. January 17 1885 January 8 1889 Democrat Jim Crow
16 James Philip Eagle January 8 1889 January 10 1893 Democrat Jim Crow
17 William Meade Fishback January 10 1893 January 8 1895 Democrat Jim Crow
18 James Paul Clarke January 8 1895 January 12 1897 Democrat Jim Crow
19 Daniel Webster Jones January 12 1897 January 8 1901 Democrat Jim Crow
20 Jeff Davis January 8 1901 January 8 1907 Democrat Jim Crow
21 John Sebastian Little January 8 1907 February 15 1907 Democrat Resigned; nervous breakdown Jim Crow
John Isaac Moore February 15 1907 May 14 1907 Democrat President of the state senate; served portion of Clayton's term until legislature adjurned Jim Crow
Xenophon Overton Pindall May 14 1907 January 11 1909 Democrat New president of the state senate; acted as governor until expiration of his senate term Jim Crow
Jesse M. Martin January 11 1909 January 14 1909 Democrat Acting governor for three days between end of Pindall's senate term and next elected governor Jim Crow
22 George Washington Donaghey January 14 1909 January 16 1913 Democrat Jim Crow
23 Joseph Taylor Robinson January 16 1913 March 8 1913 Democrat Jim Crow
William Kavanaugh Oldham March 8 1913 March 13 1913 Democrat President of the state senate; acting governor for six days until election of new senate president Jim Crow
Junius Marion Futrell March 13 1913 July 23 1913 Democrat President of the senate; acting governor until special election Jim Crow
24 George Washington Hays July 23 1913 January 10 1917 Democrat Office created; left vacant Elected in special election to fill remainder of term. Jim Crow
25 Charles Hillman Brough January 10 1917 January 11 1921 Democrat vacant Jim Crow; World War I
26 Thomas Chipman McRae January 11 1921 January 13 1925 Democrat vacant Jim Crow
27 Tom Jefferson Terral January 13 1925 January 11 1927 Democrat vacant Jim Crow
28 John Ellis Martineau January 11 1927 March 4 1928 Democrat Harvey Parnell (1st Lt. Gov) Resigned; Appointed federal judge, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas Jim Crow
29 Harvey Parnell March 4 1928 January 10 1933 Democrat William Lee Cazort Became first Lt. Governor to act as governor Jim Crow; beginning of Great Depression
30 Junius Marion Futrell January 10 1933 January 12 1937 Democrat William Lee Cazort Jim Crow
31 Carl Edward Bailey January 12 1937 January 14 1941 Democrat Robert L. Bailey Jim Crow
32 Homer Martin Adkins January 14 1941 January 9 1945 Democrat Robert L. Bailey, James L. Shaver Jim Crow
33 Benjamin Travis Laney January 9 1945 January 11 1949 Democrat James L. Shaver, Nathan Green Gordon Jim Crow
34 Sid McMath January 11 1949 January 13 1953 Democrat Nathan Green Gordon Jim Crow
35 Francis Cherry January 13 1953 January 11 1955 Democrat Nathan Green Gordon Jim Crow
36 Orval Faubus January 11 1955 January 10 1967 Democrat Nathan Green Gordon Prevented Little Rock Nine from entering Central High School, Little Rock; his segregation policies prompted President Eisenhower to send in 101st Airborne to ensure the Nine's safety Jim Crow (ends late 1960's); beginnings of Civil Rights Movement in state
37 Winthrop Rockefeller January 10 1967 January 12 1971 Republican Maurice Britt
38 Dale Bumpers January 12 1971 January 3 1975 Democrat Bob C. Riley
Bob C. Riley January 3 1975 January 14 1975 Democrat Acting governor for unexpired term.
39 David Pryor January 14 1975 January 3 1979 Democratic Joe Purcell
Joe Purcell January 3 1979 January 9 1979 Democrat Acting as governor for six days
40 Bill Clinton January 9 1979 January 19 1981 Democrat Joe Purcell
41 Frank D. White January 19 1981 January 11 1983 Republican Winston Bryant
42 Bill Clinton January 11 1983 December 12 1992 Democrat Winston Bryant, Jim Guy Tucker Resigned; elected President of the United States
43 Jim Guy Tucker December 12 1992 July 15 1996 Democrat Mike Huckabee Resigned; felony conviction (mail fraud) in the Whitewater scandal
44 Mike Huckabee July 15 1996 January 9 2007 Republican Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Created “Tax-Me-More” fund to highlight Democrat/liberal hypocrisy on tax contributions
45 Mike Beebe January 9 2007 Current Democrat Bill Halter Term expires in 2011

[[Retreat Potential Rank]]ing Analysis by [[James Wesley Rawles]]

Population: 2.67 million. Population Density: 50.2 per square mile (Rank 5 of JWR’s top 19 states). Area: 53,187 square miles (rank 27 of 50). Average car insurance cost: $721/yr. (rank 30 of 50). Average home insurance cost: $494/yr. (rank 19 of 50). Crime Safety Ranking: 8 of 50.

<ref>Boston T. Party, Boston's Gun Bible, Chapter 34 Gun Laws in the 50 States and DC, Common law copyright, Wyoming American Redoubt - Printed in the united states of America without any 4 USC §§ 105-110 Federal area or State: Javelin Press 1997-2008: pp. 34/3-8. ISBN 1-888766-06-9</ref>

Per capita income: $21,995 (rank 49 of 50). ACT & SAT Scores Ranking: 23 of 50. Plusses: Low property taxes. <ref name=“survivalblog”> 238 word quotation: Fair Use Source: Rawles, James Wesley. Rawles on Retreats and Relocation. 1st. Clearwater, Idaho: The Clearwater Press, 2007. p. 87. Print. see James Wesley Rawles on Fair Use</ref><ref> Recommended Retreat Areas accessed April 11, 2014</ref>


Low property taxes. <ref name=“survivalblog”/>


High population density (by western states standards.) Tornado prone (ranked #5 out of top 20 States). Poverty. The Arkansas economy barely scrapes by, even in good times. The state has a fairly large welfare dependent under class. This could prove problematic in the event of TEOTWAWKI. Poorly educated populace. For example: High school graduates, percent of persons age 25+, (2000 stats): 75.3%, versus 80.4% nationwide. Bachelor's degree or higher, percentage of persons age 25+, (2000 stats): 16.7%, versus 24.4% nationwide. Note: Look for natural gas producing areas so that you can run your pickup on “drip” oil. (See my posts in the Archives on alternate fuels.)

JWR’s Combined Retreat Potential Ranking: 16 of 19. <ref name=“survivalblog”/>

[[NRA Grades]] Rankings of the State

[[U.S. Senate]]

[[U.S. House of Representatives]]

Incremental Gun-Grabbing of the [[Police state|Nanny State]]

Liberals and socialists support “common sense” measures - a “good first step” of the Nanny State. To a citizen-prepper-patriot and to the Bill of Rights, this is “death by a thousand paper cuts”.

This Second Amendment Foundation video is the formal response to Hollywood's Demand a Plan gun-grabbing propaganda video. The video shows one of the main differences between liberal gun control Nanny states (Blue states) and conservative and/or libertarian Second Amendment-supporting “free states” (Red states). This video shows why we vote with our feet:

Likely World War Three Target Structures

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