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American Spirit Arms is a manufacturer of firearms and firearm components. Their products include complete rifles, assemblies, parts and accessories. The company's products are built in the United States, at their facility in Scottsdale, AZ.

As a manufacturer of firearms and firearm components, American Spirit Arms specializes in products based on the AR-15, M-16 and M4 rifles. These type of rifles were originally designed for use in the military, and are used today in law enforcement, public safety and armed forces worldwide.

American Spirit Arms manufactures rifles and assemblies in several ammunition configurations, including 5.56mm, .223, 9mm, .308, and more.

As a company in the firearms industry, American Spirit Arms has been featured in the publications Shotgun News<ref>Shotgun News, June 30, 2008 Volume 62, Issue 18</ref> and Guns & Ammo.


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