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American Redoubt Bullion Silver Coin

Special Announcement: The American Redoubt Bullion Silver Coin

The new American Redoubt .999 fine silver coin has been launched! These very attractive coins are produced by Mulligan Mint. They are one Troy ounce weight, and are being sold at a very competitive market price. (Spot silver was advantageously below $23.10 per ounce, when I last checked, and many dealers are charging a premium of $9 per ounce over spot!) Lord willing, this release will be followed in a few months by fractional 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and possibly 1/10th ounce coins of the same design. Note that we will earn a modest commission from each sale, to help support SurvivalBlog.

In addition to being useful for barter, carrying a Redoubt coin might be an important identifier that someday might be your ticket past a roadblock. (This is roughly analogous to the “challenge” coins carried by some current and former Special Forces Group members.)

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The volatility in the precious metals markets is continuing, with some dramatic intra-day swings in spot prices. My long-standing advice has been “buy on a dip day”, but perhaps presently it should be: buy on a dip hour. Once silver resumes its bull charge–past $30 and then the $40 per troy ounce, you will be glad that you “bought low.” OBTW, sales have been very strong for the new American Redoubt .999 fine silver coin. These very attractive 1-ounce coins are produced by Mulligan Mint and and are being sold at a very competitive market price. Because of the huge rush of orders created by the big market dip (down 20% in recent weeks), all of the mints are getting slammed with orders. (Even the U.S. Mint had to suspend some sales.) You can expect at least a five week delay from most mints, at present. Be patient, and keep stacking silver

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