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Preparedness is a term used to describe a Boy Scout-like “Be prepared” philosophy, mentality-mindset and lifestyle which, both in earlier times and in 21st century Real America, is common among conservatives, libertarians, preppers-survivalists, gun nuts, and American Patriots.

Preparedness is when an individual, often referred to as a survivalist or prepper, or group has made adequate provisions or “preps” to furnish the necessities required to sustain life for the individual, family and/or community during and after an job loss, threat, depression, economic collapse, emergency situation, disaster, death or a SHTF-TEOTWAWKI-“Post Apocalyptic World-Apocalypse” scenario.

These necessities required to sustain life can be grouped into general categories such as sustenance, shelter, transportation, communication, knowledge, medicine, safety, etc.

Individuals or groups involved in preparedness can be active members of society and community or seek geographic and personal/group isolation in a remote wilderness area. See Survivalist retreat and Bugging out.

A common characteristic, value or virtue among conservatives and many individuals involved in preparedness is the tenet of “personal responsibility”.


In essence, being prepared means stocking up and learning skills related to the “8-B's”. Prepping is often referred to with the mnemonic called the 8-B's: “Beans-Bullets-Bandaids-Books-Bullion-Batteries-Brotherhood-Being”, as well as the 3-B's “Bean, Bullets, Bandaids” and many other similar variations.


Early forms of preparedness were generally termed “survivalism” and often espoused a doctrine of geographic isolation and rare contact with mainstream society or community.

There is a general sense that the concept of survivalism has for many evolved into the concept of preparedness - being prepared to meet the variety of situations that may occur before, during and after a job loss, threat, depression, economic collapse, emergency situation, disaster, death or a SHTF-TEOTWAWKI-Post Apocalyptic World-Apocalypse scenario.

Preparedness promotes the doctrine that there is more to “survival” than merely surviving. It encourages personal responsibility, a sense of community with other individuals and often leads to the creation of formal and informal groups.

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Preparedness refers to a very concrete research-based set of actions that are taken as precautionary measures in the face of potential disasters. These actions can include both physical preparations (such as emergency supplies depots, adapting buildings to survive earthquakes and so on) and trainings for emergency action. Preparedness is an important quality in achieving goals and in avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes. There are different types of preparedness, such as public health preparedness and local emergency preparedness or snow preparedness (i.e.: Snow Preparedness Teams - SPT), but probably the most developed type is "Disaster Preparedness", defined by the UN as involving "forecasting and taking precautionary measures prior to an imminent threat when advance warnings are possible". This includes not only natural disasters, but all kinds of severe damage caused in a relatively short period, including warfare. Preparedness is a major phase of emergency management, and is particularly valued in areas of competition such as sport and military science.

Methods of preparation include research, estimation, planning, resourcing, education, practicing and rehearsing.

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