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The 7x62x54R round is a 19th century rimmed centerfire round that is used in the United States in the military surplus Mosin-Nagant rifle and clones of the SVD Dragonov sniper rifle. It is the popularity of these military rifles that has given 7.62x54R its market.


Appeal to Survivalists

Tens of thousands Mosin-Nagant rifles were dumped on the US market at low prices by Russia making this caliber much sought after. Additionally the Romanian PSL which looks like the famed Russian SVD sniper rifle (but is based on the RPK), along with Chinese SVD clones, also make this caliber in demand. Its low price in surplus ammunition (though corrosive) and available clean burning commercial loads make this caliber attractive and affordable.

Ballistic Characteristics

Depending on the load for this cartridge and the barrel length of the example rifle velocities can vary greatly. Surfice it say that this is a full power .30 caliber round good for hunting all game in North America except for the largest bears. As a sniper round it is good out to 1,000 meters under ideal conditions. Typical military loads are 147-150 grain (light ball) or 180 grain (heavy ball) along with tracer and armor piercing loads (the latter two generally unavailable in the United States). Commercial loads match the bullet weight and performance of the military loads but are non-corrosive, unlike the military loadings which use fulminate of mercury in their berdan primers. The US manufactured commercial ammunition is boxer primed and reloadable.

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Home > Rifle Ammunition > 7.62x54R > Military Surplus 7.62x54R 148 Gr. FMJBT- Package of 20 Military Surplus 7.62x54R 148 Gr. FMJBT- Package of 20

Price: $4.50

Manufacturer: Military Surplus

Manufacturer Part No: MSA762X54R1

Manufactured in Russia. - Bi-Metal Case - Berdan Primed - Corrosive - Mild Steel Core

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